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YouTube To Launch Unique Channel Handles Similar to Instagram and TikTok

YouTube channel and Shorts now have separate account handles.

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YouTube Unique Channel Handles
YouTube To Launch Unique Channel Handles | (Smarttechvillas)


  • YouTube handles will be gradually rolled out to channels •Creators will be notified when they can claim a handle
  • Creators will be notified when they can claim a handle
  • YouTube handles will function similarly to Instagram and TikTok usernames.

YouTube has introduced unique account handles that will now appear on channel pages and Shorts, the company announced on Monday.

Users can now easily identify creators by their usernames and tag them in comments, community posts, video descriptions, and other areas of YouTube that allow for user interaction.

Handles will be available alongside channel names, which were previously the only way to identify a YouTube Channel or user. However, unlike channel names, handles will be applicable across the platform, allowing creators to establish a more distinct presence and brand on YouTube, – Google.

“We want to ensure that creators can create an identity as distinct as their content, while also giving viewers confidence that they are interacting with their favourite creators,” says the company.

Unique Channel Handles youtube

YouTube announced the introduction of handles on its platform in a Blog post. The move will also reduce the number of impersonator accounts on YouTube. It’s worth noting that rivals TikTok and Instagram already support usernames.

The company blog handles will be gradually rolled out to YouTube users beginning this week. The company says it is gradually introducing support for handles because they will be unique to each channel on YouTube.

YouTube Unique Channel
Photo Credit: YouTube | (Smarttechvillas)

However, on YouTube, users will be notified when they are eligible to choose a handle name for themselves. The blog post suggests the eligibility for handles will be determined by factors such as overall platform presence, subscriber count, and whether the channel is active.

Users who have already created a personalised URL for their YouTube channels will receive the URL extension as their default handle name. According to the company, users can change this after receiving an eligibility notification to claim their desired handle name.

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