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YouTube Ends Trial For 4K Video Access Limited To Premium Users

YouTube trial for 4k video streaming to be limited to premium subscribers

Philip Aladino



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Photo by Adam Fejes on| (Smarttechvillas)

One of YouTube’s official Twitter accounts said that the trial period for locking 4K videos behind its Premium subscription has ended (via 9to5Google).

First YouTube Standard Feature: Since 2010, 4K videos have been supported on YouTube and can be seen by anyone for no additional cost. It used to be the case that anyone could watch 4K videos on YouTube, but that changed earlier this month when some users noticed a “Premium” badge next to 2160p/4K content.

Ad-free videos, background playback, and the option to download videos for offline viewing are all part of YouTube Premium, which now costs $11.99 per month in the United States. The fact that YouTube tested out 4K video streaming suggests that it’s giving the feature serious consideration.

TeamYouTube’s official Twitter account has tweeted many times that the experiment has ended. YouTube hasn’t said anything about the change, but it’s likely they scrapped the experiment because people didn’t like it.