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You Can Now Tip Your Favourite Creators on Twitter Using Chipper App Tag

Philip Aladino




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Twitter has now made it possible for users to tip their favourite creators using Chipper App tags.


Twitter has recently announced a new integrated feature to the tip jar for creators which allows users to tip their favourite creators on the social platform using Bitcoin cryptocurreny.

The social platform yesterday announced its Tips feature, which is now been rolled out worldwide will permit Twitter users to monetize their content on platform as they will be able to attached their Bitcoin wallet directly into users Twitter profile page.

“Users will be able to add a Bitcoin lightning wallet or their bitcoin address to send and receive Bitcoin Tips starting today,”

– Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product lead for creator monetization

Twitter’s new feature makes it the first social media platform to openly support use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The company will not only allow its users to connect their crypto wallets to their social profiles, but will also authenticate the ownership of NFTs as they will tweet with a special badge.

Twitter May Get an Edit Button Soon, How Big a Deal is the Feature?

Twitter introduced tip as a beta feature back in the month of May at first it was labeled as “Tip Jar”; the purpose of launch was for the company to try out a way of helping creators on the platform earn from their publication and contents.

All twitter users on iOS devices globally can now use this feature to send and receive digital payments. The feature will go out for Android users in the coming week -twitter. The company understands Bitcoin and NFTs aren’t going away any time soon and has decided to stick to these options on its platform.

The new twitter added feature of payment is hardly surprising being that CEO and billionaire of twitter, Jack Dorsey, has also been a vocal advocate of bitcoin cryptocurrency and also has a digital payment service known as Square. Square allows users to buy and sell bitcoin.

Tipping through Chipper

The social media company is not getting into the business of directly facilitating bitcoin Tip transactions, but instead carrying it out through a list of payment services available on its App. Among the list of available payment service option currently integrated on Twitter with this Tipping function is ChipperCash app, a popular African fintech company which allows users in the African continent to invest in cryptocurrencies as well as buy shares from popular companies like Apple, Facebook etc.


The company currently operates in seven African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. and two European countries with the United Kingdom and United States. The app also facilitates instant money transfers cross African Boarders and the UK including the buying of airtime and data. To know more about the app and to get the app installed on your device click here. The company does not take a cut or any form of percentage from any transactions done on the app.

Additional Twitter Service Rolling

Twitter also announced in public blog post stating that inline to the features currently available through Tips, users in El Salvador and the U.S, excluding residents of New York and Hawaii, every other residents users can also be able to send and receive Bitcoin currency Tips using Strike, strike is a Bitcoin wallet app that functions on the Lightning Network protocol.

This tip feature is coming at a time the social platform company is intending to launch a creator fund for users who host live audio events on Twitter Spaces. Twitter’s intention is that the creator fund will help creators to host live audio events on Twitter.

Aside Cryptocurrency, also intends to test run new ways to help its users have a safer experience on the platform by integrating a test feature that warns users when entering into a “heated” conversation or allow them to leave tweet threads they no longer want to engage in.

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