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Xiaomi is developing a smartphone camera system that rivals that of a DSLR

DSLR Camera Patent for a Xiaomi smartphone

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Samsung DSLR camera | (Smarttechvillas)

A recently discovered patent hints that Xiaomi is working on a smartphone camera zoom system similar to that of a DSLR. Which is to say, Xiaomi has something cool up its sleeve for the camera department of its forthcoming smartphones.

According to a poster that has since been leaked, Xiaomi will debut the 12T Series and a few other products on October 4.

Meanwhile, the firm is developing a novel camera setup as well. The renowned Lekaer Digital Chat Station has revealed the following-via XiaomiUI.

These days, a smartphone isn’t complete without a few cameras. As a result, the handsets can provide varying degrees of magnification.

While physically changing lenses, users must digitally zoom in to a specific focal length. You can now take reasonably good pictures with it. But the video recording lags or the images become blurry if you switch lenses mid-recording. As a quick refresher, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S4 Zoom and the K Zoom, both of which have cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Xiaomi’s DSLR-Style Camera Zoom System is Featured in a Recently Published Patent

Unfortunately, their size leaves little room for the battery. Now, a larger single camera sensor with adjustable focal length has been confirmed by a patent for the Xiaomi camera. There won’t be a wide-angle or telephoto lens on the back of the device. DCS’s photo shows a smartphone with a single camera on the back.

Patent for a Xiaomi smartphone camera system that works like a DSLR

This is just a stand-in picture, though, so keep that in mind. A larger, variable-focal-length camera sensor is not visible in the photo. It can actually move around like real cameras do. Xiaomi only needs a single camera sensor to make a camera zoom system that works like that of a DSLR.

DSLR Camera Patent for a Xiaomi smartphone
DSLR Patent for a Xiaomi smartphone | (Smarttechvillas)

If Xiaomi uses a high-quality sensor, this could completely alter the market. Most notably, the greater the number of sensors, the more impressive the camera system. Xiaomi’s intention to release this innovative camera system is a breath of fresh air. The Chinese smartphone giant isn’t the first original equipment manufacturer to have this idea, though.

Sony’s Xperia 1 IV includes an optical zoom camera. In addition, the phone’s camera system has a variable focal length that can be accessed in secret. Because of this, Sony has developed a superior option that doesn’t stick out too much. It is also not known if Xiaomi will actually produce a product similar to what is shown in the patent.

Though Xiaomi has a patent, the camera with a zoom system like DSLRs may or may not come out.

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