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Why Most Website Will Be Inaccessible With Future Firefox and Chrome

Some of the most popular websites may become inaccessible to Firefox and Chrome users in the near future.

Philip Aladino



Google and FireFox 100
Why Most Website Will Be Inaccessible With Future Chrome and Firefox 100

Some of the most popular websites may become inaccessible to Firefox and Chrome users in the near future.

According to the Mozilla Foundation, large websites may be unable to identify and function properly as a result of the warning. Mozilla recommends that users use Firefox or Chrome to prevent this from happening.

Google Chrome and Firefox 100

Meanwhile, the current versions of Firefox and Chrome are 97 and 98, respectively. The Mozilla Foundation advises that increasing the version numbers of websites to three-digit numbers may result in unpredictability across a wide range of websites.

Web servers can identify the sort of browser that is being used by utilising what Mozilla refers to as the User-Agent. Following that, they put this knowledge to good use by customising websites to look their best.

“Whenever different browsers do not follow the same specification, the User-Agent string and site-specific User-Agent parsing take on a life of their own and become unpredictable. Some parser libraries may have assumptions or faults that prevent them from taking into account major version numbers with three digits.”

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Mozilla anticipates that the transition from single-digit to double-digit version numbers would result in fewer issues once the three-digit milestone is achieved.

Firefox and Chrome developers, on the other hand, are conducting experiments and reporting issues. T-Mobile, Yahoo, and Daimler are just a few of the corporations that have disclosed flaws in the latest wave. 

In line with what was mentioned in the blogpost, “If the breaking is widespread and individual site interventions become unmanageable,” which means “Mozilla can temporarily freeze Firefox’s main version at 99 and then test different techniques.”

For the same reason, Chrome’s developers have a “backup plan to make use of a flag to freeze the major version at 99” in order to prevent this from happening.

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