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WhatsApp To Increase Group Chat Limit To 1024 Participants

New features are coming to WhatsApp Messenger including group participants increase

Philip Aladino



WhatsApp group chat limit
WhatsApp Will Soon increase its group perticipants limit | (Smarttechvillas)


  • WhatsApp users with 1,000 or more contacts may soon be allowed to add 1024 contacts to a group conversation.
  • WhatsApp’s beta programme will soon support 1024 members in group chats, up from 512.
  • In June 2022, WhatsApp increased the maximum number of participants from 256 to 512.
  •  WhatsApp is creating new capabilities to help admins manage large groups.

There has been talk about WhatsApp potentially increasing the number of people who can participate in a group chat to 1024. In the near future, WhatsApp users who have a large number of contacts (say, 1,000 or more) will likely be able to add up to 1024 contacts to a single group conversation.

In a move originally reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon expand its beta programme to include a new feature that would allow for 1024 participants in group chats, up from the current limit of 512. With the growing popularity of WhatsApp group chats, the maximum number of participants rose from 256 to 512 in June 2022. After all, a 256-person limit is insufficient for a large company with many employees who rely on WhatsApp as their primary communication app.

Since major firms using WhatsApp couldn’t join all of their employees to a single conversation before the limit hike, they often had to create and maintain many group chats. Now, only a short time after the increase, WhatsApp wants to double it again, making it possible for even larger businesses to rely on the app as their primary means of communication.

WhatsApp’s group conversation limit could soon be raised to 1024 users

WhatsApp Group chat limit | photo by Wabetainfo (Smarttechvillas)

Moreover, WhatsApp is developing new tools to provide admins greater control over these massive groups. For instance, it plans to implement an approval system that lets admins select who can add new participants to the group and a list of pending participants that identifies everyone who has requested to join a group and allows admins to approve them at any moment.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when WhatsApp will roll out these updates to all users. You may start a Telegram group conversation with 1,000 people right now if you wish. The 200,000 person limit is probably more than adequate.

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