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WhatsApp Looking To Integrate new feature “Communities” in coming update

Philip Aladino




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WhatsApp Looking To Integrate new feature “Communities” in coming update

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature “Communities” which will be seeing in the coming stable update of the app, as we know the Social company is always looking for new and intriging features to roll out in future updates each time. This time around, in recent beta preview first spotted by XDA-Developers and WABetaInfo, we noticed a added label called “Communities”.

Meanwhile before now we have seen the parent company Meta showcased and use this feature in its parent app Facebook which stands as super group under one Platform with other sub groups linked under it. It’s also gives group owners and admins full control and power over their several other groups.

However its also likely the term could stand for any other things, but looking at the screenshot from Wabetainfo it shows persons will be able to create a Community chat which looks much more alike to a group conversation lair which is nothing like a social network but with a private place between people protected by end-to-end encryption.

Furthermore, the screenshot, shows us different set of layout for the community feature such as the community icon which will be square with rounded edges to differentiate the community from a normal regular group chat.

WhatsApp new community feature/Credit: WabetaInfo

Report shows this update was spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android update which will soon become a stable version and will be rolled out to all, however wether or not the Social company will still stick to the feature release on the fourth coming update or leave it for the latter we do not know yet.

What we do know is in the WhatsApp Community every Admins will be able to send messages and also link other related groups that is in line with the community as a sub group: for instance explained by WABetaInfo label “degree course” can be considered a community, and all its teaching classes are groups that will be included or linked in this community.

Looks like WhatsApp is looking to match Telegram with this feature since telegram has long since possed a similar feature seen in the relation between it’s Channel and groups under a particular channel.

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The community will further offer some tools to admins to better manage all the groups they will be grouping under the community.


How To Add Users To a WhatsApp Community

Admins can invite other people to join the community. Users can be manually added or they can join using a “Community Invite Link”, if the admin has shared it privately or publicly:

Meanwhile, after joining a community, it not certain if you will be able to immediately send messages to all groups of the community, though more Info will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Since this feature is still in the beta phase under developement on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, some things may likely change before launch such as features and perhaps appearance as well.

We are uncertain of what other new thing we will be seeing in the future coming release of the WhatsApp Messenger app, however we are following up closely on the development and would relate it if any new thing or changes pops up. Meanwhile, do subscribe to our post notification so as to be notified of any other new updates and publication from us.

Let us know what you think of this feature update down in the comment section.


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