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WhatsApp Joins The Metaverse Program W/ Avatars Soon To Be Made Available

Now is the time for beta testers to construct their digital selves in form of avatars as they did on Facebook and Instagram

Amira Praise



WhatsApp Avatar
WhatsApp Avatar | (Smarttechvillas)

The recent addition of the ability to make and share links to WhatsApp video and voice chats is only the most recent example of WhatsApp’s steady stream of new capabilities.

However, being owned by Meta means that occasionally updates appear to be implemented more for the benefit of Meta than the game itself; in this case, the metaverse.

Earlier in January, we learned that WhatsApp was planning to add avatars similar to Facebook’s Bitmoji. These features are now rolling out to beta users.

According to WABetaInfo, users may finally create their own avatars in the newest beta (v2.22.23.9) of the app. You may make your own set of stickers for use on WhatsApp, much like how your Bitmoji figure can be used on Snapchat and other messaging platforms.

Avatars on WhatsApp are easy to set up. In the opinion of the app’s beta testers, there is a new setting titled “Avatar” in the app’s menu of options. It sounds like there are some kinks to work out, but that’s why we have betas, right? When you’re done customising your avatar, you’ll see tonnes of Meta logos and a wide variety of new sticker packs.

After the avatar has been set up, you may go back to the Settings page or the Sticker Details page to make additional changes.

The processes for making and using avatars may undergo some small alterations before they are suitable for public consumption, given that this is all still in its infancy.

As of yet, WhatsApp has not said when the stable channel deployment will begin, but those who can’t wait can install the most recent beta version of the app and cross their fingers that they will gain access to the feature. Those are compatible with WhatsApp already, so you can use them instead of Snapchat.

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