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What is Google One, And is it Worth Paying for?

Gabriel Ojeh




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google one

Google One is a premium based service that you simply may need seen publicized, but aren’t conversant in. Perhaps you may have wondered how it’s different and with the question Whats the difference? from Google Drive, and why does it require a paid subscription? in todays post, We will be elaborating in details what Google one truly is and the reason behind its paid usage. 

Prior the time of now, Google use to offer corporate storage service through the subscription plans from Google Drive. Thus these storage plans gave you access to more storage not only in Drive but in the other Google services as well, which thus includes Gmail and Google Photos.

Since Google Drive itself may be a storage service, this was at some point a touching issue as some users and intended users thoughts it was mainly for the increment of  google drive. Therefore, in an to better understand the plans and its purpose, Google LLC had to go with the launch Google One which originally was launched in August 2018.

google drive and google one

Meanwhile, during the time of its launch, Google upgraded its Drive  which was initially 1 terabyte to an increment of 2 terabytes and further still retain the same worth at $9.99 per month. The other option packages includes 100GB which was for $1.99 again upgraded to 200GB for $2.99, Users who were already on the Google Drive paid storage were automatically upgraded to Google One.

What purpose does Google One serve?

When you opting for a Google account, As a user you are being given a prior usage of 15GB of storage free of charge . This storage capacity is shared and thus spreads across Google Drive, Gmail, as well as Google Photos. For many users , this was indeed more than enough enough storage for them.

Moreover, for users who stated that 15GB capacity wasn’t enough for them and thus wanted more, that’s where Google One falls into play. The user gets to upgrade from the free prior plan to a monthly subscription based plan known as Google One, this will thus grants the user access to an increased storage capacity he/she deems fit. However the paid upgrade will also be spread across your Google account to cover all your other google product and services. Prior to the publication of this article,  the total allocated storage options of Google One include 100GB, 200GB, 2TB, 10TB, 20TB, and a massive 30TB.

google one

Meanwhile, as earlier mentioned, Google One isn’t only for the storing files within the cloud. It also rages to your storage needed for your Gmail such as your email and files attachments, Photos and Videos back up as well as every other thing you store in Google Drive. i.e It’s one subscription for everything (Google One).

However, if you have highly invested within the Google ecosystem, Google One is another aspect you might want to consider, although it is specifically design for users with high volume of files with huge sizes. Storage is the main purpose of Google One, but there are other benefits to the service as well. One of which is the opportunity and chance to share your subscription with family members.

What Are the Benefits?

Like earlier mentioned, If you happen to have a Family Group on your Google account, member within the group can share their storage with you and you inturn, with them. So if you’ve got the 200GB plan, for instance , that pile of storage is out there to anyone within the group with you. However, everyone’s files remain private.

Google One members also get access to “Google Experts.” These are individuals with trained skills to assist you with any of the company’s products. Google Experts are highly enhanced level of customer support mainly for for Google One members.

Another great benefit is for Android phones and tablets to copy and Restore files. This thus, makes it easier to back up things like device data, media from text messages, including photos and videos which can later be restored using Google One to a new device.

In terms of privacy and security, Google One also offers a VPN only for its members. “VPN by Google One” are often enabled on Android devices for members on the 2TB plan or higher.

There are other several benefits attached to the Google One when you opt in for the service. However, in some likely regions, like the U.S, Google Users opt in over the very first time likely get 40% off Occasionally, there’ll even be free Google Play credit offers. you’ll check for these by visiting the “Benefits” tab within the Google One app.

How Much Does Google One Cost?

The Pricing for Google One service will vary depending on the users location opt in for the service. But meanwhile for users in the U.S based region, the plans and pricing looks similar to the following:























That’s the Fuss of what Google One. Meanwhile alongside the benefits of Google’s many products it gives you high freedom and features. Think of it as an upgrade to the typical Google experience. if you are a user or an intend user of google do let us know in the comment box below as well as your experience with the service. 

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