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Watch Live Dstv And IPtv Content Channels With IPtvPoint For Free

Philip Aladino



How To watch DSTV Premium Channels for Free Via IPTVPOint Client

For a long time now iptv streaming access has been one of the latest trendy method for watching through livestreaming international channels and their offerings all over the globe and for Africa in particular, the likes of watching DStv channels in premium value as well as all other Country’s contents channels.

I will be introducing to you another IPTv streaming client that will enable you streamline most of iptv offering channels including that of the Dstv premium channels know as “IPTV Point”. Though not free the IPTV point like every other iptv clients needs a monthly subscription account package to be able to use this great app but not to worry as got you covered as you will be able to enjoy this wonderful iptv client app contents by following this guide through and also using the provided login access to be given below.

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About IPTv Point Client App

IPTVPoint is another IPTV service known for offering a verse catalog of channels with on-demand content for streaming at affordable prices. The IpTv Access client act as a reliable cord-cutting alternative mainly due to their content prowess. However, this particular service is not just limited to content, users can stream in full HD and even 4K quality if your device supports it.

In addition, the iptv streaming client offers over more than 7500+ live tv channels with a content folder housed with your favorite movies and tv shows.

Features Of IPTvPoint App

  • Stream in HD/4k Ultra Mode
  • Houses over 7500+ live Tv Channels including Dstv premium channels
  • The iptvPoint app also have some movies and on demand Tv shows for viewing
  • Easy to setup/configure
  • Enhanced user interface

Requirement For Streaming IpTv content and DsTv channels Via IpTvPoint

  • A stable internet connection (3G/4G/5G)
  • A streaming Android device
  • IpTv Point App (Download below)

How To Setup/Configure IPTV Point For DSTV and other IpTv channels

First off, download and install the IpTv Point App for Android device below

Now launch the app after installation and set up by following the steps below.

You will prompted to enter account info, click on ADD USER and enter the below provided account as given

Login details

Account Name: SmarttechVilla
Username: FP1WN4HZV9

Next on the following screen, tap on the user you just added to the app and wait for it to load

Now tap on the new USER you just added

Now Scroll down and select the continent channels you want to view for DSTV channels which is for those in Africa, select AFRICA

After that, allow the content option to load up and click on Live TV

Click on IPTV at this point

Allow the channel lists to load up then locate the desired channel you wish to stream and watch.

Africa Lists

NOTE: You will see many Africa channels from different countries, each of it consist of many DSTV Channels. So just search for the channel you want to stream manually.

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