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Visa Reacts Over Credit Card Ban Of Amazon

Visa chief Al Kelly has defended his organization’s charging policy with Amazon.
The ecommerce giant recently stopped taking Visa credit cards in the UK. This is the latest outburst in a long-running crackle between the two companies over their payment processing fees and co-branding.

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Amazon Will No longer Accept UK Visa Cards For Payment

Visa Chief Executive Officer Al Kelly has defended his organization, saying it is dedicated to settling the disagreement with Amazon. However, while demonstrating  the complicity state of Visa’s charge policy, he said that the fees is vulnerable to a variety of external forces.

“We’re in a difficult negotiation,”. “What’s different here is that Amazon, regrettably, opted to make the negotiation issues public and, weirdly, has chosen to threaten customers.” -Visa CEO

“At Visa, we have the obligation to establish prices in marketplaces where pricing is uncontrolled and nobody is ever satisfied with us.” If the price falls, banking institutions are unhappy; if the price rises, merchants are unhappy. ” “He added

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Meanwhile, ecommerce giant Amazon announced a few days ago that it will no longer enable UK-based consumers to pay for products using their Visa credit cards due to “the persistent high cost of payments.” It was then revealed that the company may also cancel its collaboration with Visa on co-branded credit cards in the United States.

Amazon’s decision to cease taking Visa credit cards in the United Kingdom is just the latest outburst in a long-running crackle between the two businesses.

In response to an increase in Visa fees, Amazon recently implemented 0.5 percent surcharges on Visa credit card purchases in both Singapore and Australia, which are borne by the customer. Customers in both nations were given a discount on their first purchase made using an alternative payment option.

Visa Reacts Over Credit Card Ban Of Amazon

Furthermore according to Techradar, Visa began charging an extra 1.5 percent on cross-border credit card payments between the United Kingdom and the European Union, relying on the fact that the EU-enforced fee ceiling no longer applies post-Brexit.

The ecommerce company has previously said that it is dissatisfied with increases in Visa fees justified by the need to protect against fraud and identity theft, because the merchant (not the payment provider) is legally accountable for incidents of fraud.

At first look, it appears like Amazon is using the Visa credit card suspension as a negotiating point in the ongoing discussions, but others suspect the business has ulterior reasons as well.

Amazon had earlier expressed dissatisfaction with increases in Visa fees stated that it needs to protect against fraud and theft, despite the fact that the merchant (not the payment processor) is legally liable for fraudulent transactions.

At the first look, it appears though the ecommerce company is using the Visa credit card suspension as a negotiating point in the ongoing talks, but some suspect the business has other plans.

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