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Uwork Review- How To Make Money Online On Uwork And Increase Your Earning

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!


Uwork Review- How To Make Money Online On Uwork And Increase Your Earning

Today we are bring another legit paying platform like the Insme platform if you remember some weeks back we shared a detailed guide on how to make and profit from the Insme platform today too we at SmartcoreTech are bringing you a new detailed guide about another platform which has been in existence now for a couple of months now and many especially some of our users and Followers at has been using this platform and has profited greatly on it.

We employ you to take your time to go through this article and furthermore go through our shared guide on Insme as both platforms are similar and it’s can help you better understand this one. You can see that article here.

Now our main purpose of bringing you ways of making money online is to thus Increase the number of daily bank alert you receive to your account as we know it 2020 has really been a tough year hence we want to make 2021 a lot lighter and a great year hence SmartcoreTech is looking for ways to help it followers in that regard.

The platform we will be talking about to is the Uwork platform.

What is Uwork?

The uwork business is just like the mining business, which can make huge profits.

The company is a legitimate company, which means it has been registered in a large international company and is trusted by international authorities.

The Uwork pays it users to share it content on their Facebook pages and in the end upload screenshot of it for verification. Like I said just like Insme where we are tasked to like pictures on Instagram and furthermore take screenshots which we then upload back to the portal for verification the Uwork platform is alot similar too.

Additionally, users can increase their earning opportunity via referrals also you can invite your friends and family to build a strong team which can thus earn lots of income on a daily basis as they will be working for you and I turn you earn a little percentage from what ever it is they earn on Uwork as Uwork will then credit it to you.

There are various parts or rather levels on Uwork platform which users can utilize to thus Increase their earning opportunity which will further be elaborated below

1. vip0 which is free, vip1/2/3 is a membership purchased with your own money, such as a company, you get huge profits based on the amount of investment or you deposit you get huge profit from, And you only need to pay once. You can get a lifetime valid membership. No need to renew again.

uwork has cooperated with Facebook/instagram/Twitter to promote social media globally and provide advertisements for other companies and products that want to stand out. Increase the visibility of the company and products in the world like I earlier mentioned as long as you have a social account you can make huge money from it.

I have done many things on the Internet, but I have never done such a reliable thing. uwork truly pays everyone.

This is why insurance companies provide small services to each member registered here and then pay them for services.

Staff plan to make money through UWORK

uwork is divided into the following 4 parts:

Below are the breakdown and explanation about the Uwork levels

1.vip0 account is free

They will only give you 2 tasks per day, valid for seven days, registration will send you 0.3 US dollars about 130 naira. You can withdraw the money directly to your bank account after completing the verification of your mobile phone/email/ID. They do this to assure you that they are sure, not a fake company.

➷The staff plan to make money through UWORK! ! ➷

Register for free, you will be eligible to perform 2 tasks per day and get ₦121.25 Naira per day

Now for this let’s do a little math:

₦60.625 * 2 = ₦121.25/day

₦121.25 * 7 = ₦848.75/week

That is you will be making a total sum of N848.78 each week from tasks aside referral earnings.

2. Upgrade V1≈₦7275 naira, you are eligible to complete 2 tasks every day and get ₦582 naira every day


₦291 * 2 = ₦582/day

₦582 * 30 = ₦17,460/month

₦582 * 365 = ₦212,430/year

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3. Upgrade V2≈₦72,750 naira, you are eligible to complete 2 tasks every day, and get ₦2,910 naira every day


₦1,455 * 2 = ₦2,910/day

₦2,910 * 30 = ₦87,300/month

₦2,910 * 365 = ₦1,062,150/year

4. Upgrade V3≈₦145,000 Naira, and you are eligible to perform 2 missions every day and earn ₦5,335 Naira every day


₦2,667.5 * 2 = ₦5,335/day

₦5,335 * 30 = ₦160,050/month

₦5,335 * 365 = ₦1,947,275/year

How To Sign Up And Start Earning On Uwork

1. Click here to go to the Uwork registration page and enter your required details


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2. On the Referral space or field, enter 211869 as your referral code.

NOTE: If it didnt request for an OTP just skip it and proceed to the next step. If they didn’t so you are free to hit the register button now.

Uwork Review- How To Make Money Online On Uwork And Increase Your Earning

Task Credit of uwork V1

3. Upon clicking on the sign up button, you will automatically be sent to the login page to login, now enter your user name and password to login. next, you will be presented with your Uwork dashboard that looks like the Screenshot below.

Uwork daily task

4. At this point you can start engaging in task mission, simply click on task at the bottom of your dashboard.

5. Click on receive to open the task, next, click on receive now all you need do is to post the photo alongside the write ups given to you from Uwork on your Facebook, twitter or IG page and yes it is required your page must be made publicly to restricted to friends or private.

6. After that, return back to the platform, then click on upload screenshot, upload the screenshots just as you can see in the video above.

7. After that, click on Submit then proceed to the next task and still repeat the same process.

8. After task completion, just sit back and await your task review from the platform. as soon as it is reviewed your first earning with be credited to your account. 

Note: As a new user you are only limited to take tasks for a stipulated number of days which after that you will be required to upgrade your level to continue and thus remove this limit.

How To invite friends on Uwork (Referrals)

1. Click on the Me Section at the bottom right of the page and click on Invite friends, Next copy your referral link and code and start referring your friends you earn more.  

2. You will be presented with your invitation link as well as your invitation code on the following screen.

How To Upgrade On Uwork

1. Login to your Dashboard and Click on upgrade.

2. Select your desired level, then choose your means of payment, after that click on continue

Uwork Review- How To Make Money Online On Uwork And Increase Your Earning

3. An account number will be displayed to you; you are to transfer or pay in the said amount to the account number then after that contact Uwork customer support on the platform with your remittance or payment receipt for verification then sit back and wait for your account to be upgraded by their team.

Approved payment from Uwork_1

Approved Payment From Uwork_2

How To Withdraw Your Earnings from Uwork

-To withdraw your earnings, 

1. Simply Click on the Me Section Below the page, next click on Account Funds or Click on balance

Uwork payment Alert

2. Next click on withdrawal 

3. In the funds type select if it your referral bonus or your task balance you are withdrawing

Uwork Review- How To Make Money Online On Uwork And Increase Your Earning

4. Then proceed with other necessary Information, finally click on submit

Important Notice On Uwork 

Every VIP1/2/3 must understand familiar working knowledge.

1. Inviting VIP0 will not get any rewards. However, once the VIP0 you invited has completed the paid upgrade to VIP1/2/3, you can get invitation upgrade rewards and commission shares for completing daily tasks.

2. The system will automatically complete the task review within 24 hours. No more than 24 hours. Please be patient.

3. The system will automatically review the withdrawal application within 48 hours. No more than 48 hours. Please be patient

4. You can apply for withdrawal normally on Monday and Friday. You cannot apply for withdrawal on Saturday and Sunday. If you initiate a withdrawal application on Friday, it will be delayed on the next Monday.

5. If the mobile phone number of the newcomer cannot get the verification code when in the registration form, you can change the email account registration account. After successful registration, he will receive a gift of $0.30. Fill in the bank card in the system. You can apply for withdrawal. After success, vip0 is not eligible for withdrawal. After upgrading VIP1/2/3, there is no limit to the number of withdrawals.

6. VIP0 account is only valid for 7 days. After expiration, the account funds will be cleared to 0. Please immediately remind your VIP0 members to complete the payment upgrade before the account expires. Avoid loss of funds.

7. The minimum withdrawal amount for VIP1 is $10. The minimum withdrawal amount for VIP2 is 30 USD. The minimum withdrawal amount for VIP3 is USD 60. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

8. We have permanently cancelled the identity verification. Cancel mobile phone number verification. You don’t need to verify your ID photo/phone number. You can also apply for withdrawal.

9. If your account has been successfully withdrawn. Please do not modify bank card account information at will. Modifying the bank card information at will may cause your future withdrawals to fail.

I hope that every VIP1/2/3 member is familiar with these basic knowledge. And communicate it to your subordinates to understand. Due to these common sense questions, please do not continue to ask questions in the group. This is a waste of time. Therefore, everyone should take time to invite more people to join your team. VIP 1/2/3 membership upgrade can be completed by paying. The higher the salary of the team members, the higher your income. come on! ! !

Note! Withdrawal takes around 24-48hrs to be initiated and for credit alert to reflect in your bank balance

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