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US Mobile Carriers Extend Support To Network Customers Affected by the Ukraine Invasion Via Roaming

US carrier operators are extending a hand of aid to Customers affected by the Ukraine invasion.

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US Mobile Carriers Extend Support To US Network Customers
US Mobile Carrier operators are extending a hand of support to Customers and US Citizens in Ukraine amidst invasion.

According to recent report, long-distance international rates may be waived by your cellular operator if you live in the United States and need to speak with friends or family in Ukraine. Support is being offered by some cellphone operators to US customers affected by Ukraine’s invasion.

If Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has touched your life in the United States, your cellular company may be making it easier for you to speak with family and friends there.

According Cnet reporter (Antonio Ruiz Camacho) The mobile provider T-Mobile announced Thursday that it would eliminate international long-distance and roaming fees for phone calls and SMS between the United States and Ukraine.

US carrier network T-Mobile

Customer service representatives will be on hand from February 24 to March 3 to assist T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid and prepaid customers as well as businesses. In order to cover roaming users in Ukraine, T-Mobile claims that this includes calls made within the country to local lines.


In addition to Verizon, a number of other major mobile providers are offering comparable services. Russia’s onslaught on Ukraine has resulted in cellphone operators in other countries taking action to help their customers.


Free roaming for Vodafone customers in Ukraine will be available starting Friday and continuing for the “next five days,” the business announced. Vodafone has announced that calls and text messages to and from Ukraine would be free for its customers.

Providing emergency assistance to consumers is nothing new for cellphone providers. When the pandemic began, internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile increased bandwidth limitations for customers afflicted by the new coronavirus, because millions of individuals suddenly had to start working or attending school from home.

What this means

Some cellular companys in US could reduce the cost of bandwidth and call rates to and from Ukriane to aid affected customers keep in touch with their friends and family.

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