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UBA USSD Code For All Mobile Banking Transactions

Looking for UBA USSD mobile banking code? Here is a compete list of all UBA USSD and their function

Ediomo Effiong




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Learn how to use the UBA USSD code for Magic Banking, Cash Transfers, and Airtime Purchases, among other services. To execute all transactions, learn how to activate the UBA USSD Code.

The UBA USSD Code, also known as the UBA Magic Banking Code, is a sequence of digits and symbols that are used for mobile banking transactions.

Apart from the UBA magic banking code, UBA offers internet banking through their website and mobile apps, which are available on Google Play. However, internet access is limited.

Learn how to use the UBA USSD Code for all money transfers, bill payments, cardless withdrawals, and other financial transactions in this article.

The UBA USSD Code can be used for a variety of things.

  • Payment of bills
  • Instant blocking of debit cards
  • Account balance check
  • Airtime top-up
  • Loading of UBA prepaid card
  • Money transfer to all Nigerian Banks
  • Cardless Withdrawal

UBA USSD Codes: Complete List

Transaction Type
Magic Banking Code
Airline Tickets
Airline Tickets Menu
Airline Tickets
Ethiopian Airline
Airline Tickets
Africa World Airline
Airline Tickets
Lufthansa Airline
Airline Tickets
Egypt Airline
Airline Tickets
Turkish Airline
Airline Tickets
Qatar Airways
Airline Tickets
British Airways
Airline Tickets
KLM Royal Dutch Airline
Airline Tickets
South African Airways
Airline Tickets
Etihad Airways
Airline Tickets
Virgin Atlantic Airline
Airline Tickets
Royal Air Morocco
Airline Tickets
Rwanda Air
Airline Tickets
Kenya Airways
Airline Tickets
Delta Air Lines
Airline Tickets
Air France
Airline Tickets
Airtime Purchase
Top-up for self
Airtime Purchase
Top-up for others
*919*phone number*amount#
Balance Enquiry
Check Balance
Bill Payments
Other Bills Payment
Bill Payments
St. Mary’s Hospital Payment
Bill Payments
Check LCC e-tag balance
Bill Payments
Top-Up LCC e-tag
Bill Payments
Make Konga Payment
Bill Payments
DSTV and GOTV Payment
Bill Payments
Taxes and Levies
Data Purchase
Buy Data (Self)
Data Purchase
Buy Data (3rd Party)
*919*14*Phone number#
Data Purchase
Smile Data Top-up
Purchase Event Tickets
Generate OTP
Block Debit Card
Freeze Online Transactions
Retrieve BVN
My Bank Statement
ARM Pensions
Oak Pensions
Load UBA Prepaid Card
Click Credit
ATM Cardless Withdrawal
Sports Wallet Funding
Baba Ijebu Wallet Funding
Sports Wallet Funding
Bet9ja Wallet Funding
Sports Wallet Funding
Lottomania Wallet Funding
Sports Wallet Funding
Betking Wallet Funding
Transfer to UBA Account
*919*3*account number*amount#
Transfer to Other Banks
*919*4*account number*amount#
Transfer using Mobile Number

How To Register and Activate UBA USSD Code *919#

Before you may use the USSD code to make financial transactions, you must first register for UBA mobile banking, which includes the activation of the USSD code.

To register and activate the code, you’ll need the following:

  • A functional mobile gadget (Android, Tablet, iPad or iPhone)
  • The last four digits of your ATM or BVN card
  • Your registered mobile phone number/sim card

Follow the procedures below to activate the UBA USSD Code:

  • *919# is the number to dial.
  • On the screen, a message prompt will display.
  • Choose the first alternative.
  • Select “Account with PIN” or “Prepaid with PIN” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up your prepaid account number.
  • Use the last four digits of your ATM card or BVN Confirm PIN to create your PIN.

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All You Need To Know About INVISIBLY

How To Check The Balance Of Your UBA Account Using The UBA USSD Code

Simply dial the magic banking code *919# with your UBA registered sim card, select the 6th option, and follow the instructions to check your UBA account balance in a matter of seconds, or use the shortcode:

  • Dial *919*00#
  • Your account balance will be displayed in the prompt.

Due to security concerns, you may be asked to provide some of your account information before your account amount is displayed on your screen.

How to Make a Money Transfer Using UBA’s USSD Code

When you dial the USSD code *919#, UBA magic banking allows you to transfer money from your UBA account to any Nigerian bank.

Dial *919*7*account number*amount# to transfer money from one UBA account to another UBA account, then follow the prompts.

Dial *919*4*accountnumber*amount# to send money to other Nigerian banks.

How to Buy UBA Airtime Using the UBA USSD Code

The limits of internet and mobile app banking remain the same, and it’s a well-known fact that you need data to buy data, but this is not the case with the USSD Code.

Dial *919*Phone Number*Amount# to purchase airtime using the USSD Code.

How to Block Your UBA ATM Card Instantly Using USSD Code

If your ATM card is lost or stolen, you can stop it immediately using the procedures below if you have access to your phone:

  • Dial *919# keypad
  • Press 8
  • Press 2

How to Turn Off UBA’s USSD Code

Dial *919*911# from your UBA SIM card or any phone and follow the directions to deactivate the UBA USSD Code. You will need to visit any UBA branch to re-enable the USSD Code.

Withdrawal Without a Card Using a USSD Code

You can use the steps below if you forget your ATM Card at home or if it is misplaced and you need money right away.

You can only withdraw 20,000 Naira at a time using this technique.

  • *919*30*Amount# is the number to dial.
  • Input your magic Banking (UBA USSD CODE) PIN
  • Choose an account.
  • Make a One-Time PIN (OTP) that will be issued to you via SMS.
  • Go to any ATM that has the cardless option turned on.
  • On the ATM, press any key.
  • Choose between PayCode and Cardless Withdrawal.
  • Enter the OTP you received previously.
  • Enter the required amount of money to be withdrawn.


If you are having difficulty registering or activating the USSD Code on your phone, please visit your local UBA bank.


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