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Twitter Dishing TikTok-like full-screen vertical videos to iOS users

With this update, Twitter is providing iOS users with the ability to upload and share full-screen vertical videos, similar to TikTok.

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Twitter Dishing TikTok-like full-screen vertical videos to iOS users
Twitter Dishing TikTok-like full-screen vertical videos to iOS users
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  • Twitter now supports vertical videos on iOS, like TikTok. 
  • Twitter says videos are a “major part of public debate” 
  • Twitter is expanding with even more features.

Twitter is now supporting full-screen, vertical videos on iOS, much like rival app TikTok. You can’t dismiss the popularity of TikTok without also acknowledging the permanence of the vertical video format. This time, it’s Twitter imitating its rival social media platform. This week, the business announced that it would begin providing full-screen vertical movies to iOS customers.

Twitter Dishing TikTok-like full-screen vertical videos to iOS users
Twitter Dishing TikTok-like full-screen vertical videos to iOS users
| Twitter

According to the company’s blog post, the updated service will make it simpler to find and watch “immersive” movies. The Explore page of the Twitter app will soon feature a video area where users may view videos recommended for them based on the content they’ve been engaging with and the trends they’ve shown an interest in.

It appears from the early Twitter screenshots that the new feature would function similarly to TikTok. As soon as you start playing a video, it will automatically switch to a full-screen, vertical orientation. Once a user is done with a video, they can move on to the next one by swiping up on the screen.

In addition to Tweets and Trends that may pique your interest, you can now quickly and easily find more films you enjoy using our brand new video carousel. Simply click on the Explore button to view a selection of the most-watched videos currently being shared on Twitter.

Of course, each video represents a tweet, and tapping the screen will reveal the tweet’s text along with shortcuts for responding, retweeting, liking, and sharing. Twitter claims that videos now constitute a “large component of the public dialogue” on the platform. The firm claims that there are “billions of cumulative views every year” for Twitter videos.

Since TikTok has been expanding each year, the addition of this feature is not shocking. Instagram, which first concentrated on photographs, has shifted its focus to vertical films with the introduction of Instagram Reels. As you may expect, this has angered a lot of users.

Twitter is Adding More New Features

Twitter has been experimenting with a number of new features, including alterations to the video-viewing experience. For instance, a select group of users can now see how many times a normal tweet has been viewed, a feature that was previously reserved for video tweets.

However, it is not known if or when this feature will be made available to all users. In the coming days, Twitter claims iOS users will be able to try out the new full-screen vertical videos.

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