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Top 8 Best Websites to Download Anime Music in 2022

The best recommended websites for downloading anime music and soundtracks is enlisted

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Anime soundtrack

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In an anime movie, the original music is extremely important. Many anime lovers enjoy collecting anime music so they may listen to it on their phones.

Anime music increases your interest in the anime series and aids with character comprehension. It’s simple to relate to and makes you feel the characters’ feelings, which makes it more enjoyable.

Some anime movies just play a portion of the music track because of time constraints, rather than playing the entire song. This increases the interest of fans of anime music to listen to the entire song.

There are many websites where you can download anime music, but some of them don’t let you download it. Finding the best websites to obtain your favorite anime music might takes a lot of time. The top websites for downloading anime music are listed below for your convenience.

Websites For Anime Music Downloads


1. Hikarinoakariost

One of the best websites for downloading anime soundtrack is Hikarinoakariost. The website is a fantastic resource for free anime music downloads and it is updated frequently. You can download MP3 or FLAC audio tracks of anime music from this site.

Hikarinoakariost has a large selection of anime OST songs. The ability to get anime music from outside sources is the best feature of this website. Ads are the only problem you might encounter on this website. Additionally, no account is required for users to download anime soundtrack.


2. 8Tracks

Another great website for downloading anime soundtrack is 8Tracks. You may listen to a large collection of anime OSTs for free. On this website, you may quickly download and listen to Korean and Japanese pop songs.

Anywhere, at any time, anyone can access the anime playlist. In addition to this, the website features non-anime music from a variety of international artists and genres. The playlist also includes songs with a certain atmosphere. The user interface is likewise clear, basic, and easy to use.



3. Khinsider

Another most popular website for downloading anime music is It offers more than 400,000 songs that are free of advertisements. The Khinsider website has a very user-friendly UI. Additionally, you can request for anime OST music that is not already available on the website, and they will locate and upload it for you.

You can simply locate the anime OST music you want to download by typing the song’s title or first letter into the search bar without having to register. On the Khinsider website, you can simply find any anime music you’re looking for. Additionally, you can download several anime OSTs at once.



4. Osanime

If you want to listen to or download anime OST music, check out Osanime. The website offers a list of the most recent songs, along with a list of anime OSTs.

Additionally, users can view the day and time when their favorite anime music was released. The different categories on the website make it simple to find the anime music you want. On this website, you may discover almost any anime song that you want to download. Also, it offers a selection for trending songs.



5. Gendou

One of the finest places to download anime music in MP3 format is Gendou. This website makes it incredibly simple to get anime music; simply search for the anime OST using the song’s title, artist, or anime, and the song will be displayed to you.

The best feature of this website is that you can ask the site administrator for an anime OST if you can’t find it there. There are more than 7500 songs in the collection. On this website, in addition to listening to music, you may play games and express your opinions regarding anime. There are several well-known anime soundtracks in the library.



6. Nipponsei.minglong

A website called Nipponsei.minglong was created particularly for downloading anime OST music. For fans of anime music, the website includes thousands of OSTs. You can conveniently download the anime OST using the website’s provided download link.

On this page, you may get OST music for anime in zip file. If you want to download anime soundtrack, look to the left side of the page when you visit the website.



7. Sukidesuost

Sukidesuost is another helpful website for downloading anime soundtracks. With its extensive variety of music collections, you can undoubtedly locate whatever anime soundtrack you desire to listen to. On its homepages, you will also find a number of well-known anime series highlighted, including Black Cover, Naruto, and Detective Conan.

Here, you may also download high-quality MP3 files from your preferred Japanese animation. Furthermore, because it also provides Korean Anime, which can be downloaded.

Additionally, this website enables you to download anime game soundtracks. You can once more view TV drama, live action, tokusatsu, and other content in apart from downloading or streaming anime songs.



Another well-liked website to obtain your preferred anime OST music is You can download either a single anime song or the whole anime music album from this website.

This website offers a wide variety of functions. On the website’s home page, entries with tags, list the most recent and well-liked anime music. On this website, it’s simple to locate and download your favorite anime music.



The top 8 websites for downloading anime music are listed above. I hope you enjoy this article. In the comment section, let me know your favourite anime music site download.


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