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Top 5 Exclusive Features Of IOS 14

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

In today’s article we will be outlining the top 5 unique  features we fancy most about the new Apple IOS 14 some days back we also shared the unique features of the newly launched AppleWatch with OS7 the features was really quite thrilling you must agree. Thus still we have initial shared the new features added to android as google release android os 11 I must say such features really did enhance the user experience and battery life of android devices for users.

Nevertheless, we all know apple is one of worlds magnificent tech giants and day after day the company is working to bring the best user interface and experience to its product users and recently they already rolled out their newly launched IOS 14 hence the reason for today’s article as we will be outlining the top 5 features of this awesome IOS.

Top Features Of IOS 14

1. Onscreen Widgets Except For The Ipad14Os

Widgets, which we used to discover in a dedicated screen, can now additionally appear on your private home display (s).

On the left on the home display screen, in the center a 2d display with most effective widgets

We’ve got them (nearly) freely some of the app icons and we also can fill a whole home display with these widgets. Or, there may be a way to superimpose numerous widgets of the equal size on top of every other, to save area, and scroll them manually or let Siri do it, a good way to decide the opportune second to expose one widget rather than any other. Apple offers developers three codecs: rectangular, rectangle and big block to show tons greater information.

There are several ways to install this exclusive widget, one of which is from the  widgets screen or from the home screen.

The only disappointment we got in this area is in iPadOS 14 the widgets remain confined in their dedicated space. The company said it did not consider it necessary to allow placement outside.

2. PIP Mode- Picture In Picture

This feature allows minimize your current screen into a small window icon without closing the application thus making it easy to access another app and use both apps at the same time. Perhaps you are looking at chain and a message notification arrives or perhaps you are on FaceTime video and need to get a few data in every other app? After the iPad, the PiP (photo in photograph or photograph inside the image) arrives (sooner or later) on the iPhones and it additionally works with films from internet pages.

With a snap, while the video remains gambling, you reduce the scale of its display screen to find yourself on the home display. The video maintains to play, and you can go to any app on the same time. If essential, you can pass the video across the screen or quickly dispose of it out of your view, without muting the audio, by means of tucking it to at least one aspect.

3. Order in Messages

Additionally, Apple has added two new features in Messages to enhance the order of its message system. Such fractures include the possibility of pinning up to 9 persons or discussion groups on the main screen. Those with whom you interact with most often will always be immediately accessible. Whenever an activity takes place in one of these conversations, a small bubble appears on the avatar. In order to accomplish this, drag their name (to the right) in the general list.

This feature can be carried out in single chat messages as we’ll as group chats. In such cases, messages can show that something in one conversation was posted in response to another. Until then, the exchanges had piled up in chronological order, with no indication of links.

The drawing of hyperlinks among exchanges illustrates the members of the family between them. Inside the screenshot at the right, whilst you type a name in a group chat, its avatar is displayed if it’s far diagnosed.

4. App Store Library

If you like your private home monitors full of apps, iOS 14 received  pressure you to trade your approaches. For others, the gadget can routinely organization and classify all of your apps in class folders accumulated in a committed display screen: the “Apps library”. It’s miles accessed through scrolling the house display screen to the left.

At the left, a single domestic screen with the essential apps (plus 1 widget) and on the proper the “Library of apps” prepared routinely. A standard situation could be to have only a number of apps situate on the  home display screen, or at maximum two, containing your maximum useful apps and widgets while the alternative apps are accrued on this library. 

5. Caller Notification

A new caller Notification interface which notifies users of any incoming call at the top row of the screen thus no longer takes up as much screen space. With this feature, a User can now take his call or reject it without interrupting anything on the screen.

When you’ve cleared the call notification, you can cross back by using the little cellphone icon in the top left (center seize). It appears until the caller hangs up the ongoing call

In case you want the caller to drop into your voicemail, drag the notification up. In case you want the entire interface that we had before (with the button to send a message, as an example) pull the notification down.

This new interface is used by Apple’s Phone and FaceTime apps, but developers of other communication apps can also have it, an API is available to them.

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