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BREAKING! TikTok Increase Max Video Recording To 10mins

TIKTOK brings to creators the opportunity to upload and record up to 10mins tops video on platform

Philip Aladino



TikTok Increase Max Video Recording
Video steaming platform Tiktok heighten video upload duration up to 10mins tops

The social network TikTok once again seeks to steal away part of the audience from media giants like YouTube. According to the latest statistics, the corporation is progressively rolling out worldwide support for posting ten-minute films alongside regular short movies.

According to well-known British social media specialist Matt Navarra, he has already got a notification about the TikTok update, which heralds the worldwide availability of the new version of the social network for both smartphones and PC users.

British writer Chris Stokel-Walker corroborated the information, saying a TikTok spokesperson:

Today we are delighted to begin rolling out the ability to publish films up to 10 minutes, which we believe will offer up even more creative choices for our content producers across the world.”

This is not the first time TikTok has expanded the maximum duration of submitted movies; in July last year, the platform allowed the possibility to publish films up to 3 minutes long, although initially the time was restricted to 60 seconds.

The news didn’t really come as a surprise. TikTok secretly began testing ten-minute movies for a limited group of users less than two months after allowing three-minute videos to be uploaded.

We anticipate that the additional feature will provide content creators with greater options. Now, instead of breaking a rather large movie into discrete small segments, they will download the entire film.

In other words, TikTok is genuinely gradually evolving into a rival to YouTube, while the latter site is aggressively creating short videos.

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