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The US Is Crawling Behind China in 5G Dev- Former Google CEO

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt calls on the United States government to do more on 5G saying “United States is well behind China”

Philip Aladino



The US Is Crawling Behind China in 5G Expansion
The US Is Crawling Behind China in 5G Expansion

According to a former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt who calls on the United States government to do more on 5G saying “United States is well behind China in the 5G expansion”.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has criticised the United States government for not doing enough to position the country as a leader in 5G technology, arguing that inaction in Washington has allowed China to seize the initiative.

5G networks are expected to deliver faster speeds, larger capacity, and lower latency than previous generations of wireless technology.

These qualities will bring about a variety of consumer benefits, including improved mobile broadband, but the true potential lies in industrial, defence and public service applications that have the potential to become vital to society and national economies in the future.

5G Technology is At The Forefront

This is why 5G leadership is more than just an industry aim; it is also an integral component of the nation’s long-term national plan. China has committed enormous government resources to ensure that it remains at the top of the food chain, and its commercial rollout has been among the world’s fastest, although other countries have also exceeded the United States in this regard.

The US Is Crawling Behind China in 5G Expansion
The US Is Crawling Behind China in 5G Expansion

Schmidt and Graham Allison of Harvard University wrote a scathing op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which they urged the American government to act to close the gaps in average speed and the pace of the rollout, warning that China could “own the 5G future.” Schmidt and Allison were co-authors of the article.

Increased financing for research, pro-investment legislation, and ensuring that operators have access to the necessary spectrum are all possible treatments. In contrast, Schmidt acknowledged that penalties against the Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei were having an effect in some cases.

“The transition to true 5G speeds will result in analogous advances in driverless vehicles, virtual reality (VR) applications such as the metaverse, and other fields that have yet to be conceived,” the researchers predicted. “There are a plethora of applications that could benefit a country’s intelligence agency while also enhancing its military capabilities.”

According to the report, “the dismal US performance in the 5G expansion is indicative of America’s greater failure to stay up with China on strategically crucial technologies.” China is well ahead of the United States in high-tech manufacturing, renewable energy, and a wide range of artificial intelligence applications.”

Although 5G is still in its infancy, the competition to become the leader in 6G has already begun. There are currently active research activities in Europe, China, Japan, and North America to position the countries in this region as leaders not only in the creation of 5G applications and services but also in the development of the technologies that will form the basis of global standards.

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