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The Upcoming Google Photos Update Will Change Your Memories

Enhancements to the Google Photos Memories feature are coming to the photos app

Samuel Damy



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Google Photos | (Smarttechvillas)


The imminent, immediate enhancements to the Google Photos Memories feature update, as described by Google, is the largest update since the service’s inception.

“Memories”, a collection of quick videos made from photos in your account, can be compared to Snapchat Stories even though they don’t disappear. By giving users the means to create more unique works using their images, the update hopes to foster users’ creativity.

Making videos and adding graphic art to photos to make them extraordinary are now given more attention.

Additionally, Google will make it simpler for users to share their works with friends and family without going via the settings menu.

Since Memories is one of Google Photos’ most well-known features and its last colossal update was over a year ago, these upgrades are significantly past due.

1. Modest Redesign

The initial wave of changes to various Memories features has been made by Google. You will discover videos such as” images will choose and trim automatically”, that is, snippets from files uploaded regularly.

The snippets will lightly zoom in to provide the appearance of motion in stationary images.

In the 2020 release, the zoom-in was more muted; the current model has a livelier zoom.

 2. Aesthetic Flourishes

With the recent style features to be added, the graphic art that was previously mentioned will be accessible. Many artworks will reportedly be used at launch, and they might be totted up to Memories to give images a colourful flair.

To make the sharing of memories easier, a new share icon will be added to the roll. To send them, what is merely needed is to click the share icon and choose the recipient you want to send it to. This change will be introduced on Android devices before rolling out on iOS and web browsers.

The last change is a recent collage editing tool that enables drag-and-drop operations to join together your favourite photos.

The editor has various options you may use to add filters or adjust the brightness of an image. Subscribers to Google One and Pixel users will access unique features, like the choice to add portrait light and HDR to collages in addition to 30 unique styles.