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The Option To Alter Tweets Maybe Launching Sooner Than Expected on Twitter

This is the first altered Tweet on Twitter, and it just appeared.

Philip Aladino



Twitter Edith Tweet feature


  • The first ever edited tweet was just released by Twitter
  • As displayed, such tweets will be marked with “Last Edited” at the bottom.
  • The modified tweet history will also be available to the public.

It has been over a decade since Twitter users have been able to change their tweets. The first altered tweet suggests that the much-anticipated Edit button is almost ready for release.

There has been no official word from Twitter on when the edit button will be available, but the most recently updated tweet provides a glimpse into how it might function.

The time and date of the “Last Amended” section will be displayed at the bottom of an edited tweet, as seen in the sample tweet above. If a user clicks here, they will be able to view the tweet’s revision history.

However, how many revisions the new capability will support is still unknown, as is how well it will record version history. Whether or not users will be able to conceal their tweets’ revision history is likewise unknown.

In any case, Twitter Blue users will be the first to have access to the edit button whenever it becomes live. The latter is a paid membership that unlocks special capabilities on Twitter for the most active users once each month. To begin with, not everyone who wants to modify their tweets will be able to do so because the service is currently only available in a few countries.

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