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The keeper of Sauron’s ring in “TLOTR:The Rings of Power” is a pivotal figure in the Amazon series

Maxim Baldry, the actor, hints that he’s on a “retribution” mission.

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The Rings of power
Maxim Baldry and Lloyd Owen as Isildur and Elendil in “The Rings of Power.” 
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  • In the Amazon series, the custodian of Sauron’s ring is important. 
  • Maxim Baldry, who plays Isildur in the Amazon prequel “Rings of Power,” believes knowing him as a person helped bring him to life on screen. 
  • Episode six of “The Rings of Power” premiered on September 30, and it features Isildur and a few hundred Nmenóreans in a deadly combat against Sauron’s servants in Middle Earth. 
  • Baldry anticipated “he’ll get dark” and lose some things, so he “leaned into his youth and ability to make mistakes.” 

Maxim Baldry, who plays the legendary Nmenórean man Isildur on Amazon’s drama, speaks with Insider. The actor gave a hint that the complicated human figure will soon be getting “revenge” in some way.

Isildur is just one of many flawed human characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic “The Lord of the Rings,” set in a fantastical world where elves, dwarves, and other magical races rise and fall in warfare across the millennia.

Maxim Baldry, who plays the title role in the prequel series “Rings of Power” on Amazon, says that getting to know Isildur as a human being was the first step in bringing him to life on screen.

During a recent Zoom call with Insider, Baldry revealed, “My knowledge of him before going into the show was that he didn’t toss the One Ring into the fire—the tragic deed that he did at the very beginning of “The Fellowship of the Ring.” ” The more I read, the more I realised that he wasn’t just a tragic villain. “Throughout his life, he’s done many courageous things.”

Long after the events of “The Rings of Power” timeline, Isildur was able to steal the One Ring from Sauron, as shown in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy. Even yet, he was unable to destroy it. Isildur kept the ring and was ultimately killed because of it, despite Elrond’s pleading that he throw it into the fires of Mount Doom. Because of this, viewers of Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” will likely be more invested in Baldry’s portrayal of the young Nmenórean because of the anticipation they will have for his tragic ending.

How does this restless youth transform into the jaded commander who will waste his one chance to destroy Sauron for good? Or, as Elrond described it in the film adaptation of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” 

One day Isildur’s deeds will symbolise “the day the power of humanity failed” and “bad was allowed to endure.” Season one of “The Rings of Power,” according to Maxim Baldry, required a more youthful interpretation of Isildur.

“I had the privilege of bringing this guy to life and giving him a personality,” Baldry said of the character, “creating him as a realistic young sailor on the edge of maturity who’s trying to find himself.” “In many ways, he is weak. He is still reeling over the loss of his mother and isn’t communicating with anyone on a deep level. It’s bottled up inside and can’t go out. “The deterioration of his familial ties and his unwillingness to follow the path his father Elendil had mapped out for him are clear indicators of this.”

In “The Rings of Power,” viewers are introduced to Isildur as he seeks his place in Nmenór. Even though he can’t quite put his finger on it, he appears to know that whatever it is he’s after can’t be found in the pure city of his forefathers. During his time serving with the Sea Guard Naval Army, Isildur heard a mysterious voice calling to him from the island’s coasts.

Isildur (Amazon rings of power)
Isildur heard a mysterious voice calling to him | by Amazon (Smarttechvillas)

“Reading or hearing fan theories about it is fascinating. Can you identify the caller? Is it his mom talking to you? Could this be predetermined? Is he hearing the siren song of his fate? Do you mean the One Ring? So, what is it?” as Baldry put it. Given the potential for growth, “I think exploring all of those aspects just makes him such an exciting character to play.”

Circles of Influence Isildur a scene from “The Rings of Power” starring Maxim Baldry as Isildur. 

Amazon Prime Video Since we already know what happens to Isildur in the end, the actor says that showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne face the daunting task of creating an engaging storyline “that takes us from the place that we have started now to the place where we know we need to end.”

According to Baldry, Isildur’s story arc in the first season of “Rings of Power” begins with him being a naive young man but develops him into the fierce warrior and eventual king we all know he will become. Our current Isildur has serious communication issues, which strain his connections with others (like his father Elendil and his pals). Yet, all of that trouble disappears as he rides his wonderful stallion, Berek.

Berek is the recipient of his unconditional devotion and affection, Baldry noted. “Perhaps because he hasn’t yet completely found out the method to work around humans, he really opens up towards the animals.”

The actor claims that despite Isildur’s social flaws, he still tries his hardest to do right by the people of Nmenóre.

It’s not just him rebelling,” Baldry added. “Despite his best efforts, he can’t seem to get closer. What is that, exactly? “As for whether this is fate or destiny, I have no idea.”

“I don’t want to give away the specific triggers that motivate him,” he went on. As the author puts it, “I want it to be up for interpretation because I think that is what makes him so interesting: that he isn’t a black and white figure—there’s complexity to him.” Something will be “taken away” from Isildur, according to Baldry, and that will lead him down the road of “retribution.”

two guys with brown hair at shoulder length, dressed in tunics. Maxim Baldry as Isildur in “The Rings of Power” Episode six of “The Rings of Power” premiered on September 30, and it shows Isildur and a few hundred other Nmenóreans ensnared in a perilous battle against Sauron’s henchmen in Middle Earth. At the end of the episode, Isildur and his closest companions, including his father, were engulfed by the lava flow from an erupting volcano in the Southlands, the future site of Mount Doom and the location of the last showdown between Isildur and Sauron.

How, though, will his protagonist get there? More of what happens in “The Rings of Power” remains to be seen.

Because “he’s going to become dark,” Baldry predicted, “you’re going to see certain things taken away from him,” he “truly leaned into his youth and the potential to make mistakes.””And, not to spoil anything, but it will lead him to… how should I put this? Retribution.” 

Baldry also hinted at a piece of his costume that would interest Tolkien scholars.

Baldry remarked, “There’s a little something N’menórean on the shoulder of his civilian attire.” “In gold script, the Nmenóreans wrote their names. The significance of that to him will become clear to him in due time. While I believe he may take Nmenór for granted, when he dons his traditional Nmenórean garb, he seems completely at ease. “He may not realise it now, but having a sense of belonging to a place is crucial to his future happiness.”

Amazon Prime subscribers may watch the latest episodes of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” every Friday.

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