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The Global Audio Player Is Available On Whatsapp Desktop

Ediomo Effiong



The global audio player is available on whatsapp desktop

The global audio player is available on whatsapp desktop

The universal audio note recorder was introduced in iOS beta a few weeks earlier, and a new future upgrade for WhatsApp beta for Smartphones is expected to include the same tool. And meanwhile, the worldwide voice note player is being rolled out on WhatsApp Desktop beta.

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WhatsApp is now introducing a new tool that lets you to actually pay attention to voice messages when you move to a new conversation! Upon delivering the capacity to halt and continue audio clips on WhatsApp Desktop beta, WhatsApp is also going to launch feature that will allow you to hear to voice messages when you switch to a new conversation!

Whenever we start a voice note and then switch to a different discussion, WhatsApp continues to play the voice note and a new recording player bar appears at the end of your conversations list. We may manage the voice note using the rewind icon on this meter, and the status bar indication lets us know whenever the voice note is finished.
The tool is now offered to all WhatsApp Desktop beta, so make sure you have the most recent version installed.

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