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Telegram Launch Advertisement Based Platform For Creators and Organizations – See How to Create a Campaign

Philip Aladino




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

You can now run sponsored based ads on telegram

The chief executive officer and founder of Telegram Pavel Dorov announced that in order to aid the financially crisis of its users all over the world, the social platform will be launching a new set of premium features like ads placement and paid sticker packs to Creators (individuals) and Organization (Channels) accounts.

In a public blog post, the instant messaging app elaborated how the ads feature would work as well as how to create and run a ad campaign. This gives users the chance to advertise on public channels on a CPM based charge starting at £2 and a budget start fee of £2.

Although telegram sponsored ad feature is not as that of Facebook, Instagram or Google as you can only carry out text ads campaign and not display ads.

The feature is now available to all users on Telegram according to a public release blog post on Telegram’s new advertising platform (Telegram advertising platform).

Creators and organizations who Intend to expand and reach a mass new audience through the instant messaging app without consulting any group or channel owner for a paid sponsored placement like before can now utilize this means.

Telegram has over 500 million active users on a monthly interval who generates and publish nearly half a trillion content each month through groups and channels.

How Telegram Advertising Works

Telegram ads

The new newly launched platform for advertising will give users the opportunity to advertise on any targeted Telegram channel or to a general mass channel to reach as many Telegram users as they can on public channels possesing over 1,000 users.

The new ads platform will not run in any public or private groups according to telegram only Channels. In addition, advertisers can choose specifi channels and topics they want to target for example technology, education, books and more to target their ads on run.

Revenue sharing with channel owners

According to telegram, Sponsored Messages are currently in the testing phase. “Once they are fully launched and allow Telegram to cover its basic costs, we will start sharing ad revenue with the owners of public channels in which sponsored messages are displayed” – Telegram statement.

How To Create a Telegram Ad Campaign

Creating ad on telegram

To be able to run an ad campaign you must be an admin or owner of a particular channel you intend advertise with, if that’s the case simply visit Telegram Promotion Page here.

Once it’s opens, sign in using your phone number in this format +23491000000

Enter telegram phone number

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Then proceed, an authentication link will be sent to your telegram account to accept the sign in request, click on accept.

Accept sign in

Then return back to your browser and click on the picture icon to find the “create ad” feature. Tap on it and proceed to fill the form.
Video presentation credit: Telegram

The ad says “users’ information is not collected or analyzed for advertising, and every user on a particular Telegram channel sees the same sponsored message,” reads the page showing Telegram’s advertising platform, which called the ads “sponsored messages”. chose to name.

Preview of Created Ad

Ads preview

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