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Telegram Banned In Brazil CEO Durov Petition Brazil Supreme Court To Reconsider

Telegram in tough position in Brazil as it’s obtains ban in country

Philip Aladino




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Telegram Ban
Telegram Ban in Brazil | image: Philip Dino (Smarttechvillas)

Telegram’s founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, has just issued a statement explaining why Brazil’s Supreme Court has suspended the app.

According to Durov’s statement, which is highlited in full below it was because his company was checking the wrong email address.

It appears that we had an issue with emails going between our corporate addresses and the Brazilian Supreme Court, – “Durov says,” adding that his company requested that future takedown requests be sent to “a dedicated email address.”   

Meanwhile Brazil Supreme Court didn’t seem to do that — it continued to use “the old general purpose email address,” and Telegram somehow missed them, and now it’s being banned, unless the court intervenes.

Though they have been some misconception flying around in the past week regarding the social communication app that’s it’s supersede the circulation of disinformation as well as a centre for scam.

According to Vox Media (the verge) Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes had earlier ordered tech giants Apple and Google to initiate block and prevent access to the Telegram messaging app within the country and had also sent out a mailing letter to the social community platform (Telegram).

The company claims to have recovered those emails (implying that the old address did at least function, which makes it even more bizarre that the emails were somehow missed) and is attempting to resolve the situation with the court.

We appear to have had a problem with emails being sent between our corporate addresses and the Brazilian Supreme Court. As a result of this misunderstanding, the court decided to ban Telegram. – Telegram CEO Durov speaking

I apologise to the Brazilian Supreme Court on behalf of our entire team. We could definitely have done a better job. We complied with an earlier court decision in late February by suggesting that future takedown requests be sent to a dedicated email address.  

Unfortunately, our response must have been lost because the court continued to contact us using the old general-purpose email address. As a result, we missed its early March decision, which included a follow-up takedown request. Fortunately, we have discovered and processed it, and we have delivered another report to the court today.

Misconception has always been the reason for most social media ban in countries in like manner the micro blogging platform Twitter also faced a ban penalty in Nigeria From June 2021 to January 2022.

Ban of Telegram in Brazil

Tens of millions of Brazilians rely on Telegram to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues, I respectfully request that the Court consider delaying its decision.

In order to remedy the situation, the social communication company looks to appointing a representative in Brazil and establishing a framework to respond to the pressing issue or further future matters that may arose in like manner.  

The previous three weeks have been unparalleled in history, both for the globe and for Telegram. Our content moderation staff was inundated with requests from a variety of sources. However, I am certain that if a trustworthy communication route is created, we will be able to fulfil takedown requests for public channels that are unlawful in Brazil in a timely manner. – Durov conclused in his statement.

What do you think of the ban in Brazil? If you’re from Brazil and you use Telegram do share with us what this means for you. You can open or join a discussion down in the commentary box below.

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