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Spotify Looks To discontinue its Stations radio-like listening app on May 16th

Spotify is shutting down its Station service responsible for listening to music instead of making specific choices

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spotify station
The station is Spotify’s lightweight app responsible for listening to songs without the ability to make selections | image for illustration: The verge (Smarttechvillas)


  • Spotify has been experimenting with Stations, a “lightweight” service available to free and paid clients, since 2018.
  • Spotify introduced an iOS version of its app in 2019 and made it accessible to customers in the United States.
    After a trial period, the app will be taken down on May 16th, according to Google.
  • The following warning will show in the main Spotify app if you have previously utilised Stations and want to relocate your favourite playlists there: “Service will be terminated on May 16th.

Spotify has been experimenting with Stations, a “lightweight” programme that is accessible for free and paying customers, in addition to podcasts, automotive accessories, and yearly listening reviews, since 2018.

As a follow-up to its Android debut, Spotify released an iOS version of its app was released in 2019 and made it available to US consumers. When it comes to Spotify, 9to5Google says that the app will shut down on May 16th after a test period.

However, if you used Stations before and want to move your favourite playlists there, the following message will appear in the main Spotify app: “There will be an end to service on May 16. However, even if the stations you’ve built go away, Spotify will remain accessible via your Stations account. Listen to personalised playlists and millions of tracks and podcasts”.

Despite the fact that users could switch between stations and playlists, they couldn’t choose individual songs or artists, and when they returned to a station, it would resume playing from where they left off. Many preset and some you could build by selecting your favourite music from a list were available, as well as stations that would try to customise the experience for you as you used it.

When asked about its numerous experiments, Spotify stated in a statement to TechCrunch: “Some of those tests wind up paving the way for our larger user experience, while others merely serve as a valuable lesson.” Spotify Stations Beta was one of the experiments. Although the present service is being discontinued, customers may still enjoy a comparable radio experience inside the Spotify app by simply copying their favourite stations. “

Those who have committed themselves to Stations may notice an updated Spotify Radio experience in the main app, which now includes customised radio stations and a playlist for drivers. Last month, Spotify announced a renaming of its live audio platform from Greenroom to Spotify Live, which will now be integrated into the main app, although it will still be accessible as a separate app for those who choose to use it independently.

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