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Sony PlayStation VR2 Is Slimmer/Light Weighted Compared To Predecessor

First Look at Sony headgear. PlayStation VR2

Philip Aladino



Sony PlayStation VR2

Sony Playstation VR2’s headgear and upgraded Sense controller were officially unveiled by Sony yesterday.

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Experience at PlayStation, outlines how the PSVR2 expands on the design of the first PSVR headset while providing a style that complements the PS5 platform over on the PlayStation official blog. The DualSense controller’s small PlayStation emblems can be seen on the new headset’s front and rear bands.

In Sony’s words, the headset is “almost forget you’re wearing a headset or controller”-comfortable, regardless of head size. At the same time, the headset’s adjustable scope and the location of the headphone port remain characteristics PSVR customers enjoy.

This is an improved model with a lens adjustment dial, an integrated motor for headset feedback, and an adjustable headband were all later added by Sony. With these modifications, Sony was able to lower the weight a little and make the PSVR thinner. Sony has earlier Roll out a campaign for gamers whereby they are to compete for a free giveaway console of the playStation 5.

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While it’s usually a good idea to take breaks from virtual reality, Sony introduced an additional function to PSVR2 that helps keep the immersion intact over longer sessions, especially if your body is very active. A vent was added to the PSVR2 headset at the place where the front and top meet to enable ventilation and prevent the lenses within from fogging up. Regardless of how intense the experience becomes, your vision of the VR action should stay clear.


Sony claims development kits are already being utilised by developers, so certain games, such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, should be available at launch. The launch date is likely to be determined by Sony’s supply of raw materials rather than a specified time frame.

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