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Season 2 Filming of House of the Dragon Will Begin March 2023

House of the dragon season 2 filming to begin coming Spring 2023

Philip Aladino



As early as the spring of 2023, production on the second season of House of the Dragon will resume in the Spanish city of Cáceres.

Hoy, a regional daily in Spain, stated today that the historic district of Cáceres will serve as King’s Landing once again in the upcoming second season of House of the Dragon, just as it had in the first season and as it has in the past several seasons of Game of Thrones.

Next spring, from March to June of 2023, HBO will once again film in Cáceres. Filming will likely take place in March and April, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there for three months. Instead, the crew will set up the shop for weeks or months.

Though none of the other three months is a sizable production window, next season will likely have far more time spent on the city streets.

Considering that Cáceres was also Oldtown in the books, we may see it in the next season of Game of Thrones, but this is by no means certain. Even if Cáceres doesn’t double as Oldtown, it’s safe to suppose that it will bring Westeros’ capital to life, where most of the events in House of the Dragon take place.

These developments follow the announcement, only a few days earlier, that Cáceres, Spain, will play host to the most significant European Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire event, dubbed “Cáceres City of Dragons.” There’s little doubt that the city is putting as much money into the Game of Thrones franchise as HBO is.

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