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Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup Fails At its 45W Charging-Experts

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series has a charging speed of 45W. But 45W input doesn’t truly give an advantage over lower-powered adapters.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup Fails At its 45W Charging

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series has a charging speed of 45W, which is much quicker than the charging speeds of the majority of today’s popular flagship phones. A closer look at charging rates on the Galaxy S22 series, however, reveals that 45W input doesn’t truly give an advantage over lower-powered adapters.

Samsung has advertised the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra as being able to charge at 45W on its website and in certain advertisements, despite not supplying a charger in the package. The Galaxy Tab S8 models were the first to do away with the accompanying charging brick.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Charging Rate

According to experts, the Galaxy S22 series’ charging performance was a bit of an anomaly. However, charging at 45W does not affect the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra.

While the Galaxy S22+ charged to 62 percent in 30 minutes when connected to a 25W charger, it only reached 64 percent in the same time frame when connected to a 45W charger. On a 25W charger, the Galaxy S22 Ultra went from 0% to 61%, but only 60% on a 45W charger. It charged 65 percent faster on a 65W charger. When compared to the Galaxy S22+, the Ultra has a much smaller battery.

Galaxy S22 Charging Duration

In terms of overall charging time, there is likewise no discernible difference. On a 45W charger, the Galaxy S22 Ultra took 59 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, while the S22+ took 61 minutes. The S22+ charged in 62 minutes, while the Ultra charged in 64 minutes after switching to a 25W charger. Similarly, the 65W charger tested with the Galaxy S22 Ultra charged in 62 minutes.

In light of these findings, one may draw a clear conclusion. In brief bursts on low battery, even though Samsung claims these phones can charge at 45W, there is no substantial difference in charging speed compared to 25W.

This exam comes with a few little asterisks. There is no indication of the wires that were utilised. No information is provided about the real power consumption of the phone. Samsung’s latest phones may be able to accept 45W input, but the charging pace may be limited as a result.

In any event, the Galaxy S22 series’ battery life is sufficient enough that quick charging isn’t required, and a leisurely overnight charge is sufficient and also reduces battery difficulties.

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