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Pixel Phones Will Now Be Able To Read Your Heart Rate With It’s Cameras

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Pixel Phones Will Now Be Able To Read Your Heart Rate With It's Cameras

Google is about adding  heart and respiratory rate monitors to its app on Pixel phones this month, and it plans to add them to other Android phones in the future. This feature will rely on the device camera: it measures respiration rate by monitoring the rise and fall of a user’s chest, and heart rate by a tracking color which changes as blood moves through the fingertip.

According to the company, the sole purpose of this expected  feature is to enable users track overall wellness and cannot evaluate or diagnose any medical condition.

It will measure respiratory rate (the number of breaths a person  takes per minute).

While using the app, users are to point the device front-facing camera at their head and chest. To measure heart rate, they place their finger over the rear-facing camera.

Pixel Phones Will Now Be Able To Read Your Heart Rate With It's Cameras

 image credit by Google

In a elaborate briefing made by Jack Po, product manager at Google said Pixel users can measure their respiratory rate. As a fact, a doctor counts a patient’s respiratory rate by watching their chest rise and fall, and the Google feature mimics that procedure. 

“The machine learning technique that we leverage basically tries to emulate that,” he said.

Google’s heart rate monitor is similar to a feature that Samsung included on a number of older model Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy S10. The company removed the feature for the S10E, S20, and later phones.

Heart rate reading from Google’s app will be less comprehensive than the types of data a user could get from a wearable device, which can continuously monitor something like heart rate as someone goes through their daily life.

 Furthermore, inline with google products health manager, “If users were to take their heart rate once a week, they would actually get a lot of value,” Po said. “They’ll get a lot of value in tracking whether their heart rate might be improving, if exercise is paying off.”

Google decided to add these feature into the smartphone in order to make it accessible to the widest number of users, Po went on to say that..

“A lot of people, especially in disadvantaged economic classes as it is, some don’t have things like wearables, but would still really benefit from the ability to be able to track their breathing rate, heart rate.

Jiening Zhan, a technical lead at Google health lead also stated in the brief that Inner research on Pixel device showed that the respiration rate feature turned accurate within one breath in step to two minute both for individuals with and without health conditions. 

The heart rate function was correct inside 2 percent. That feature became tested on individuals with quite a number of skin tones, and it had a comparable accuracy for light and darkish skin, she also went on to say that the group plans to submit a scientific paper with the records from its critiques.

Pixel Phones Will Now Be Able To Read Your Heart Rate With It's Cameras

GIf image by Google

The crew went onto say that they are going to properly at how the Feature would turn out on other different phones out side the pixel before making them available outside of the Pixel stock. 

“We want to ensure which you understand, the rigorous testing is executed before it’s launched to different devices,” Zhan said.

Proper now, the functions are described as gear that may be used for general wellness. Google isn’t claiming that they could perform a scientific characteristic — that is why it doesn’t need clearance from the food and Drug administration (FDA) to feature them to the app.

Ultimately, they might take the app down that avenue, Po indicated. The assessments carried out on the capabilities display that they’re regular with medical products, a statement by Po says that, it’s a possibility within the future.

 “Frankly, we haven’t carried out enough test and validation to say that it is able to truly work for those use instances yet, but it’s absolutely something we’re exploring,”.

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