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PalmPay vs Opay – Which one is better, safer and cheaper?

Ediomo Effiong




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Opay vs Palmpay

PalmPay Vs Opay finance a more secure payment platform | image illustration by Effiong Ediomo (Smarttechvillas)

Between PalmPay vs Opay Services and App – Which one is better, safer and cheaper and have a good navigation etc.

PalmPay and Opay are both popular mobile money wallets and provide online banking service in Nigeria and some other African countries.

In this guide, we will be reviewing which one is better between palmpay and opay in terms of their transactions, downtimes, addition of cards, saving, networking, utility bills payment, bonuses, navigation, security, apps and site, customer service and response.

Let’s review the both of the according to the areas of their services and what they offer.


PalmPay and Opay Review

Transactions and Downtime

According to my own research, both of the services rival themselves in this area and it is highly competitive nevertheless, if I were to choose, I’ll vote for palmpay because they currently support lower Android versions unlike the Opay App that is very controversial.

Sites (WebApp)

Most transaction services have a webapp but in the case of palmpay, they don’t however, this cannot be a huge factor in determining that opay is better than palmpay because the Opay web version is faulty and limits the type of transactions you make.

With the Opay WebApp (Site), you can only buy airtime and data but the transaction (sending money feature) keeps on failing which is one of the area that opay needs to improve on.


Palmpay is the best in giving bonuses to both active and inactive users in form of palmcouns and coupons. I have bought two things at a 100% discount from palmpay app but on the Opay App, their bonuses are currently in the form of Ocoina which they don’t give (the transaction always fails).

Few weeks ago, I ordered for the Opay card and it was supposed to be free (a 100% cashback) but when it was time for the money to be returned in form of a cashback, the transaction failed and that’s how it kept going.

Customer Service

If I were to rate Opay’s customer service from my personal experience, out of 5 I’ll give them just one considering their bad bots (auto response), bad or no reply, long waitime and no solution so far to any problem that I faced.


Opay’s security is very tight and I love it for the fact that it requires an OTP each time a user wants to process any transaction using an atm card through the app.

Money Refund Policy

In the case where there is a network failure while a transaction was being processed and your cash gets stocked in between, do not worry, all you have to do is to wait for about 24 – 48 hours and your money will be refunded back to your wallet.

In the case where your money isn’t seen in your wallet after a maximum of hours, contact their customer support P referrably via email or call.

Wallet Card and Portability

The ATM Card feature is yet to be available on the palmpay app however, Opay has released their version of an ATM Card known as the Opay Card which was released late last year, 2021.

The visa card enables you to carry the money in your wallet anywhere you go, withdraw at ATMS, POS and even for online transactions. So opay wins in this feature.


The Opay App allows saving with up to 10 – 30 percent per annum and you can also withdraw your money at any time. You earn while saving just like an investment.


Apart from the bonus part, Palmpay also gives money about 2000 per 6 successfully registered referrals. This could be a good source of money for a while and can be practiced by affiliate and non-affiliate marketers. The money can be sent to your bank account after the activity.


Palmpay vs Opay Services – Which one is better, safer and cheaper?

If you are looking for which one to go for, I will say you should use both of them.

If you choose to use only one app and you like bonuses and discount on all your transactions, buying of airtimes and data’s, PalmPay is the best choice.

If you need a safer way to transfer money and make safer transactions, save your money and get petty interest, then go for Opay.

Which app do you prefer after reading this article? Did this article change your preference between these two apps? For me, I use the both and switch between them when I need one service that is better because none of them is perfect. This is just a suggestion though, you can share your thoughts and experience with these two services below.


Ediomo Effiong is a content writer, producer and blogger currently signed up with SmartcoreTech Media as an author and writer to express his creative and content writing skills.

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