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Oppo Teases First Foldable Smartphone Find N

Oppo Unveils a new smartphone “Find N”, first foldable phone

Philip Aladino




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Oppo Find N

According to Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Oppo, innovation in the smartphone market has “reached a wall,” and consumers are wondering, “What’s next for smartphones?” In response, the manufacturer teased its first-ever foldable smartphone, codenamed “Find N.”


Oppo’s chief product officer, Pete Lau, stated in a press statement that the company is ready to launch its first foldable smartphone after “four years of rigorous R&D and six generations of prototypes.”

Foldable smartphones have risen in popularity over the years, with Samsung being among the first to capitalize on the new smartphone trend. According to Lau, foldable smartphones have failed to become a widespread success for a variety of reasons, including worries about durability, software utilization, and other considerations, and Oppo hoped to alter that.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that a few other firms have previously launched foldable devices onto the market, constraints like usefulness, durability, and user experience continue to impede foldable devices from being a more viable daily driver for the majority of consumers. So, when I returned to OPPO last year, I was ecstatic to take over this significant project and lead the team through the last obstacles to make this idea a reality.

However, aside from the evolution to 5G, quicker charging, greater refresh rates, stronger cameras, and other advancements, Lau believes that “smartphone development has hit a limit” and that “new ways of thinking and new techniques to continue inventing” are required.

According to Lau, the term “Find N” reflects “new possibilities” and ushers in “the next chapter of cellphones.” The press release, which is only a teaser for the gadget, comprises one image, but an Oppo tweet provides a more detailed look at the device. Find N will be available on December 15th.

This is the exquisitely engineered #OPPOFindN.
Hold. Fold. Enjoy. Repeat.
Coming December 15. #OPPOINNODAY2021 — OPPO (@oppo) December 9, 2021

-Oppo on Twitter

Apple is also planning to enter the foldable smartphone industry in the near future. Still, such a gadget is some years away, as Apple prefers to wait until technology is mature enough for broad usage before releasing a product.

By designing possibly the greatest hinge and display designs available today, we have overcome the key pain points in prior foldable smartphones, such as the crease in the display and overall longevity of the device, with the Find N. We are excited about taking the folding screen experience to the next level.

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