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Oculus/Meta Quest Will Nolonger Require Facebook Account To Use

Oculus from Meta facebook parent company will now be activated with/without pre functionable Facebook account

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In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Meta Oculus
Meta Oculus can now be activated without a Facebook account. image illustration/ credit: Engadgets


  • Meta, Facebook’s parent business, has announced that Oculus/Meta Quest headsets will no longer be required to have a Facebook account.
  • This repeals a contentious 2020 mandate.
  • You will still need a Meta account, which will need a large amount of personal information.

The Meta Quest 2 — previously known as the Oculus Quest 2 before Meta confusingly rebranded it — requires a Facebook account. If you get one and don’t have any desire to pursue Facebook, it basically won’t work for you. This was a dubious move.

Nonetheless, it appears as though Meta and Mark Zuckerberg have at long last acknowledged how idiotic this limit is. Beginning in August 2022, you can decide to sign up for a Meta account to access your Meta Quest headset. This will not be the same as a Facebook record account and won’t require any association with the Facebook site.

Curiously, a Meta record will turn into a necessity. In the event that you have a quest associated with a Facebook account, you should make a Meta profile beginning in August. Assuming you’re utilizing one of the more seasoned Oculus accounts, you’ll have until January 2023 to move that.

All in all, the Meta Quest series will currently be without Facebook. This will free the headsets up to a tremendous number of purchasers who, as of not long ago, have boycotted the acquisition of a Meta Quest because of its Facebook account necessity.

Oculus Will Nolonger Require A Facebook account

Obviously, the meta record will, in any case, require a lot of your own data. This will incorporate your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and instalment subtleties for purchasing applications. You will likewise be expected to create a different Meta Horizon profile, which will be your metaverse-confronting computerised self.

Quite possibly the most amazing new improvement here, however, is that Meta will permit you to make numerous Meta accounts as well as different Horizon accounts. This is a tremendous shift from Facebook’s, for some time held necessity that every individual has only one Facebook record to all the more likely reflect reality. With the new Meta framework, you could have numerous records in light of multiple factors: express, one for your gaming life, and one more for your work life.

The reality of the situation will surface at some point in the event that this change is sufficient to at last persuade cynics to hop into the universe of VR and the metaverse. However, it unquestionably can’t do any harm.

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