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O2 a UK Based Telecom Avails a Pre-paid, Post-paid Hybrid Rolling Plan

Customers can utilize O2’s new “Rolling Plan” month-to-month.

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O2 Pre-paid, Post-paid Hybrid Plan | (Smarttechvillas)


  • O2’s new “Rolling Plan” lets you utilise their service without a commitment.
  • The Rolling Plan offers no-contract data, messages, and voice minutes, according to O2.
  • The O2-contract Rolling Plan lets you change data and international minute allotments and cancel at any time.
  • 25GB of data and unlimited call and text for £10 per month.

Most telecom users have mixed feelings about committing to a cell phone plan. They prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis, with no commitment and the freedom to cancel at any moment. If this describes you, you’ll be pleased to know that UK carrier O2 has unveiled a new “Rolling Plan” that will allow you to use their service without having to commit to a contract.

According to O2’s official statement, the Rolling Plan is a cross between the company’s Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly offerings, providing customers with a no-contract way to access data, texts, and voice minutes.

You can use it to schedule regular payments that will renew your phone’s balance on a monthly basis. The Rolling Plan is a no-contract option that allows you to modify your data and international minute allotments as well as terminate at any time.

O2’s new mobile plan, Rolling Plan, is now available to both new and existing users, and those who sign up for the plan before the end of the month will receive three additional promotions that will increase the amount of mobile data they receive for their subscription fee. For £10 per month, you can now receive 25GB of data and unlimited voice and text communication. In addition to free unlimited voice and text messaging, you can receive 70GB of data and unlimited calling and texting for £15 a month.

However, the discounts will only be available until December 28th. After that, consumers on the Rolling Plan will receive the usual monthly data allowance for their plan pricing, which is 10GB for the £10 plan, 25GB for the £15 plan, and 150GB for the £30 plan.

All of O2’s usual perks, including Priority (a service that gives consumers access to numerous bargains and offers), free roaming within the EU, and special events, are available to Rolling Plan customers as well. Customers of the new plan will also have access to data rollover, which allows them to carry over any unused data from one billing cycle to the next.

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