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Nigerian FG Intends To Uplift Ban On Twitter Amidst Satisfactory Of Requirements


Philip Aladino




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The Nigerian FG last year imposed a removal condition on the ban on Twitter use if the social community network could come through and satisfy the requirements.

According to reports, the ban on Twitter operations in the country may be lifted soon, given the social media giant has satisfied six requirements imposed by the Nigerian government.

The Nation reports that the government-appointed Technical Committee to settle the deadlock between the two sides is fine-tuning the microblogger’s offerings before making a final recommendation to President Muhammadu Buhari.

It was also stated that, while the President has agreed in principle to resume Twitter’s social networking function in Nigeria, he is awaiting the committee’s conclusion before lifting the ban put on Twitter in the month of June last year.

There is also talk of the federal government amending the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act to include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media services.  

Meanwhile, among the terms Twitter agreed to were for the company to:

  • For Twitter to establish a presence (an official base) in Nigeria, Have a representative from your country.
  • Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or obtain a licence from the National Broadcasting Commission Taxation in a fair manner
  • Be concerned for national security and togetherness.
  • It must not jeopardise national security.
  • Train Nigerian IT employees and strategic intelligence officials on how to report government-discovered Twitter abuse and infractions.    


According to the report records, obtained from a correspondent, “Twitter has finally satisfied the six requirements imposed by the Federal Government for the removal of the ban on its service in Nigeria as of the end of the year.”

“Twitter’s operations will now be fully regulated, including the creation of an office and the deployment of a Country Representative. We may now hold a police officer accountable for any infringement.  

“Twitter only requested that the Federal Government allow it to open the office in 2022 because it was not included in the previous year’s budget. However, we anticipate that the office will close shortly now that we are in a new year.  

“We expect that by paying taxes, the government would be able to increase its earnings from Twitter. This prohibition has aided in the correction of prior errors. For example, Twitter has been bringing in large sums of money from Nigeria without any legal support or conformity with our revenue rules.

  “While it has been claimed that Nigerians have lost over N6 billion as a result of the ban, the Federal Government has lost far more in income.”   Despite the usage of VPN by certain Nigerian users, Twitter’s revenue has dropped significantly because this option does not generate cash for the company.   The age of impunity is over. “Twitter must register with CAC and operate in Nigeria as a commercial entity, as it does in other areas of the globe. – He said in conclusion.


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