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New Updates to Microsoft Edge Browser Makes it a competitor to Google Chrome

Philip Aladino




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Microsoft Edge browser to interact closely with Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft has spoken out series of upcoming changes it’s rolling out to it’s browser Edge which will make quite an Impression and will pose as a threat to chrome and perhaps standout for users of Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

Coming out in a blog publication, Microsoft announced it is working hard to inculcate some new intelligence that will streamline workflows for all Microsoft 365 users.

One of such changes is that Edge browser will soon be able to automatically open files in whichever profile was previously active when a like was clicked. Prior now users of the Microsoft 365 are most times logged into their personal and professional Microsoft accounts one after the other upon the clicking of link.

In the same way, any links shared with users through Microsoft Teams and Outlook will also be appearing in a specific tab in the Edge history page, according to the tech company says will “reduce the friction of trying to unearth the mail or message where the link was originally shared.”

In order to ensure users of the browser are geared up with precise context, Microsoft Edge is also receiving a new redesign menu stipulated to recognize who originally shared the link and the exact app thag was used to share the link. The new menu will also be establishing an area of the original shared message.

The company announced that these changes will be inculcated in to the Microsoft Edge within the coming six months.


Is Microsoft Edge the best browser for Microsoft 365 users?

Comparing with Google and it’s doc software’s, Microsoft has always been the advantageous one given it’s narrow integration and connection between its apps and services.

With the future integration features, Microsoft is aiming to tighten the connections across its products and position its internet browser as the not that binds it’s all together.

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Going forward In addition, the company said “Millions globally already rely on Microsoft 365 productivity apps and Microsoft Edge as part of their daily workflow. Over the next six months, we’re making the experience between Edge and Microsoft 365 more harmonious,”

“With Microsoft Edge, your workers not only get a fast and secure modern browser, but they’ll also get experiences that connect with Microsoft 365 apps to help them work smarter, maintain context throughout the day, and get more out of their Microsoft 365 subscription.”

Aside tightening the bond between its products and services, the forth coming integration is channeled towards luring more users and cuatomers to the Edge browser.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge since launch over a year ago has stood a foothold amongst its competitor browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Apple’s safari, remaiming popular and retaining it’s users. Though its has been stagnanant growing up as recent report Statcounter, indicate that’s the browsers use has only increased by merely 0.54% since the start of 2021 and currently suming up at around 3.77%.


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