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New iPhone SE 4 Is Expected To  Debut W/ 6.1-Inch LCD Notch Display

Apple’s 4th edition of the iPhone SE will debut with an LCD display

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IPhone SE 4 Release date
Apple iphone SE 4 (Special Edition phone) | (Smarttechvillas)


  • Young predicts that Apple will release a redesigned iPhone SE in 2024 with a 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD display and a hole-shaped notch for the front-facing camera.
  • With an all-screen design, the capacitive Touch ID Home button will no longer be needed.
  • MyDrivers and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo say Apple is working on a Touch ID side button for the iPhone SE, making it functionally identical to the iPad Air and iPad Mini.
  • The size of the notch on the fourth-generation iPhone SE has not been announced, but it is likely to be smaller than on the iPhone XR because Touch ID will be used instead of Face ID.

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) expert Ross Young predicts that the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE will have a 6.1-inch LCD display with a “notch” cutout at the top of the screen.

One-Touch ID and a Notch on the iPhone SE 4 According to an interview with MacRumors, Young has lowered his expectations for the iPhone SE 4th generation.

Apple is expected to debut a new iPhone SE model in 2024 with a 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD display and a hole-shaped cutout for the front-facing camera, according to Young, who has a very solid track record when providing insights into Apple’s plans.

Given that, if the fourth-generation iPhone SE is introduced in 2024, the Dynamic Island will be present on all four of the main iPhone models at that time, this information may have suggested that Apple was considering introducing the feature.

If Young is correct in his updated prediction, the gadget will have a 6.1-inch display with a notch. No information has been released regarding whether or not the iPhone SE’s notch will house a TrueDepth camera array for Face ID like other iPhone models. It has been speculated that Apple will keep the cheaper Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the iPhone SE and not include Face ID. With the transition to an all-screen design, the capacitive Touch ID Home button that formerly resided in the bottom bezel will no longer be necessary. Multiple sources, including MyDrivers and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have stated that Apple is working on implementing a Touch ID Side Button on the iPhone SE, making it functionally identical to the iPad Air and iPad mini in that regard.

Notch dimensions for the fourth-generation iPhone SE have not been announced, but it stands to reason that they will be smaller than those of the iPhone XR, given that the smartphone will support Touch ID rather than Face ID.

According to Jon Prosser, who has previously leaked information on Apple products, and the Chinese website MyDrivers, the iPhone SE will soon adopt the same design as the iPhone XR, which would mean the removal of the Home button. It’s likely to happen because Apple’s “SE” products have always recycled designs from prior devices.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple was developing an iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch display to compete with the iPhone XR, which featured an LCD display. As such, Young’s latest assertion appears to support these other claims and helps to establish a clearer idea of what to expect from the design of the next-generation iPhone SE. Related Summaries: Smaller-Sized iPhone (SE)

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