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Netflix Test New View Similar To TiKTok On TV With Clips From Movies And TV Shows

Netflix is currently testing the Fast Laughs function on smart TV apps.

Philip Aladino




Netflix is currently testing the Fast Laughs function on smart TV apps. This is a TikTok-style platform with a variety of short, funny videos ranging from 30 seconds to a minute long from movies and series on the site to assist viewers in deciding what to watch.

A small number of users in “certain English-speaking nations,” such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, have access to the function. The Fast Laughs section is located at the bottom of the service’s main page.

You may view clips from notable films and programmes on the platform, like “Army of the Dead,” “Big Mouth,” and performances by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, among others, by accessing the selection. The arrows on the left and right sides of the screen are used to navigate among the videos; you may add a movie or series to your watch list or access its page straight away.

Netflix management creates the Fast Laughs collections, not the users, and the platform’s recommendation algorithms do not apply here — films are shown regardless of user preferences. In some ways, this is even a positive thing, since you could find something completely unexpected and novel. Only adult users of the platform may utilise the feature, and a warning is provided before the collection begins.

Fast Laughs collections first emerged in the Netflix mobile app a little over a year ago, and they’re even more comparable to TikTok with vertical videos. On your phone, you may “like” videos by pressing the “LOL” button, or you can share them with your pals.

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