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Netflix Opens Southern California Studio With Cloud Gaming Plans

Netflix has cloud gaming program development in mind

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  • Netflix Opens Southern California Studio With Cloud Gaming Plans At TechCrunch Disrupt, Netflix’s gaming VP Mike Verdu unveiled two new video game efforts.
  • Netflix is really researching cloud gaming program.
  • He did reveal that Netflix is creating a SoCal facility to boost game development.

Mike Verdu, Netflix’s vice president of gaming, announced two new video game initiatives at TechCrunch Disrupt. According to Verdu, “cloud gaming is something Netflix is seriously exploring.” There are several advantages to running a game-streaming service.

In addition, the company will launch a new studio in Southern California dedicated to video game development. “It’s an extra perk. We aren’t trying to get you to sign up so we can replace your gaming system. “It was something Verdu said up there. “This is an entirely new way of doing business. It is one that any independent developer would be wise to explore.

The long-term goal is to have this method of playing games anywhere feel completely natural. ” Both Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna are attempting to sell video games that can be played without a high-end gaming computer or a coveted console. However, these services have had a hard time gaining

Mike Verdu, VP of Games at Netflix. Image credit: Techcrunch. (Smarttechvillas)

As a technological endeavour, Stadia was a success. Verdu remarked, “Playing games on Stadia was fun.” “The business model definitely had its flaws.” While both the Stadia and Luna consoles come with their own controllers, Verdu was hesitant to say whether or not a Netflix-branded controller would be coming in the near future.

Nonetheless, he did spill the beans that Netflix is opening an in-house studio in SoCal to ramp up its game development. As of last month, Netflix had opened a studio in Helsinki, Finland, with a former Zynga GM at the helm. Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio, and Finland’s Next Games are a few others that aim to create games for a variety of audiences. Chacko Sonny, the man in charge of the new California studio, and as such, will develop content that appeals to all types of players.

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