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NALA Paves Way For Apple Pay Transactions from UK And US in African Regions

Nala Pay a African fintech company collaborates with Apple to enable Apple Pay services in Africa

Philip Aladino



Nala and Apple pay
Nala Collaborates with Apple for Apple Pay integration/access | (Smarttechvillas)


  • NALA allows UK and US Apple Pay transactions in Africa.
  • NALA’s goal of expanding economic opportunities for Africans worldwide is supported by enabling Apple Pay.
  • Through the NALA app, American and British consumers can withdraw money  from over 300 banks and 20 mobile money operators throughout Africa using Apple Pay.

NALA’s advanced payment options now include support for Apple Pay. According to a report by TechCabal published last week, NALA, a Tanzanian-born fintech business with a rising domination in East Africa and a rising domination in East Africa, has made a groundbreaking move in Africa’s fintech industry by allowing its African diaspora users to make local payments directly. 

The financial technology company just announced another development for its users: the ability to use Apple Pay to make purchases in the United Kingdom and the United States.

NALA’s goal of facilitating “lightning-fast” and “seamless” payments to Africa has been reaffirmed by this latest connection with global payment provider, Apple Pay. Apple Pay, created by Apple Inc., is a cutting-edge mobile payment solution that digitalizes card payments and is tailored for use with contactless in-store purchases.

NALA’s customer base is concentrated in nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, where the payment service has over 45 million users. Seven months after NALA’s introduction in the US with an event in New York attended by six members of the Tanzanian parliament, the African fintech has integrated with Apple Pay.

NALA founder and CEO Benjamin Fernandes commented on the latest integration, saying that the company’s efforts are directed toward linking the continent of Africa to global payment options and constructing a robust financial infrastructure for Africans.

Enabling Apple Pay is a step toward integrating additional global payment choices with Africa, which is in line with NALA’s aim to expand economic opportunities for Africans around the world. In his statement he said: “this reach helps us to construct stronger financial infrastructure for Africans worldwide.”

Apple Pay is now available to NALA’s American and British customers through the NALA app, allowing them to withdraw their funds from over 300 banks and 20 mobile money players across Africa. Fintech companies in Africa, such as Paystack in Nigeria and Peach Payments in South Africa, have been slow to adopt Apple Pay.

The Nigerian fintech unicorn, Flutterwave, said back in February that it planned to include Apple Pay as a payment option. Unfortunately, this enhancement has not yet been implemented.

NALA is committed to enhancing the way Africans, both at home and in the diaspora, interact with financial technology services by making its product roadmap publicly available. The company’s main goal is to give customers more financial freedom by giving them a service that is easy to use and honest.