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MTN MPulse Data Subscription and Cheat 2022

Philip Aladino




With Mpulse you can get 350MB for N50, 1.2GB for N150 and you can accumulate as many times as you want. Read on to figure out how to set up and use the new MTN mpulse free browsing cheat courtesy of the Edoztunnel VPN.

Because of the frequent disconnection, this new mtn mpulse inexpensive free internet is suitable for streaming and downloading. We will also need the assistance of an HTTP custom trigger file that will trigger the mpulse settings on the edoztunnel VPN to operate, so gear up and read on to see how it works.

MTN MPluse Data Subscription and Cheat 2022

The MTN Mpulse free browsing cheat is configured in a file. All you need to do is download the VPN and file, then select the MTN Mpulse option and connect. Edoztunnel VPN also has different fast servers for fast internet surfing and different free internet for other networks and countries. It’s a must-have VPN if you want to enjoy free internet.

Edoztunnel VPN Utilizing MTN Mpulse Free Browsing

To get started with the latest MTN Mpulse free browsing cheat 2021, just follow the steps below.

  • You can purchase an MTN Nigeria sim card for your Android smartphone and then Dial *344*1# to migrate and subscribe to MTN Mpulse data.
  • Then dial *344*2# and choose any data plan of your choosing.
  • To check the balance of your mpulse data, enter *344*2*2 # Next, get your mpluse file for the program. You can download this from the link below

HTTP Custom Application

For this cheat to work, the use of two apps will be emphasized, on and the second of those apps is the HTTP Custom app

MTN mpluse data subscription and cheat 2022

  • Now download the HTTP custom app by clicking here.
  • Also download this configuration file for the HTTP Custom to ensures that the MTN Mpulse Free settings on edoztunnel VPN work properly. Download the MTN Mpulse HTTP custom trigger file here.

If the file does not import, go to your file manager and rename it, removing the.txt, so that it is MTN mpulse Trigger File.hc.

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Edoztunnel VPN Configuration For MTN Mpulse Internet Access

There isn’t much to configure; just follow the instructions below; this is critical.

Get Edoztunnel VPN or Edoztunnel Pro from the link here.

  • Download the above-mentioned HTTP custom app and file as well.
  • Now open the HTTP custom app and pick the plus icon, then open the file, import the MTN Mpulse Trigger file that you previously obtained.
  • Now check and tick the V2ray, auto replacer, and wake lockboxes, as seen above.
  • Then click Connect. It didn’t connect, so click Disconnect and close the HTTP custom program, then open Edoztunnel VPN and proceed as directed below.
  • Open the Edoztunnel VPN or Edoztunnel Pro app.

You are going to be A welcome message was shown. Click OKAY (do not press Cancel). If you do not see the welcome message, switch to a sim with an active data subscription and reload the Edoztunnel app.

Select any NG MTN Mpulse UDP option by clicking on the first choice.

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 Now, pick MTN Mpulse or use any UDP WS server from the second option.

Then To connect, click on the pink flashing logo or the Start Button; it will connect in a few seconds. Now dismiss the program and enjoy.

MTN MPluse Cheat Not working

This new MTN mpulse cheat is good for downloading, but it frequently disconnects; additionally, whenever it stops browsing, all you need to do is disconnect the Edoztunnel app, open the HTTP custom app, connect it, and disconnect, then open the Edoztunnel app and reconnect; repeat this whenever it stops browsing.

If you ever have a problem with being connected but not surfing, let us know. Please choose the choices displayed in the image below.

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How To Solve MTN Mpulse Free Browsing Not Connecting

Here’s an easy workaround if your MTN Mpulse free browsing isn’t connecting.

Activate your phone’s airplane mode first, then disable it and attempt reconnecting.

Now, go to your phone’s APN (Access Point Settings) and swap between the APNs before reconnecting.

How To Use MTN Mpulse Free Browsing Cheat On Your PC

To utilize this latest MTN Mpulse free browsing cheat via Edoztunnel VPN on your computer, you must first read this extensive instruction on how to share your phone’s VPN connection with a computer. This approach works wonderfully, so give it a try.

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