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MTN 5G Internet Router Review And Price

MTN Nigeria introduced 5G in Lagos and the 5G routers will not support unlimited data plan

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MTN 5G Router
MTN 5G Internet Router Review And Price | (Smartechvillas)


Evaluating the MTN 5G Router MTN Nigeria has launched its 5G network service in Lagos. The Nigerian Communications Commission, in charge of regulating the telecommunications industry gave the order to establish it after the pilot launch went well.

  • MTN Nigeria introduced 5G in Lagos.
  • MTN 5G offers faster download speeds, better Wi-Fi coverage (up to 32 devices), reduced latency, and a 100GB data incentive simply for activating.
  • The MTN 5G router has three problems.
  • The routers won’t support unlimited data plans.


The initial rollout is anticipated to hasten the digitalization and advancement of crucial industries like education, gaming, healthcare, and manufacturing. With MTN 5G, users can get faster download speeds, more Wi-Fi coverage (for up to 32 devices), less latency, and a 100GB data bonus just for turning on the service.

According to the leading telecom company, customers need 5G-compatible devices like routers, iPads, tablets, PCs, mobile phones, and smart TVs to access the 5G network and its benefits.

The 5G industry has reason to be optimistic about the future thanks to the spectrum awarded to MTN Nigeria, one of two winners (the other being Mafab Communications Ltd.) of the country’s first 5G license. The GSMA intelligence report “The Mobile Economy” says the 5G project will add $2.2 trillion to the global economy by 2034.

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The MTN 5G will revolutionize the way we live and communicate across industries,” -Mohammed Rufai, Chief Technical Officer of MTN Nigeria, said during the launch. With 5G’s speeds, we won’t have to wait around for our online interactions, making them feel more lifelike. In addition, MTN is committed to expanding 5G coverage across Africa. This will dramatically improve people’s access to the network.

What Are The Capabilities of MTN 5G?

The software-defined network features of MTN Nigeria’s 5G network will be powered by a mix of widely available and well-understood AI techniques. This will give the network a higher degree of operational independence.

AI’s ability to improve performance, boost efficiency, and enhance the customer experience is giving rise to upcoming business models and use cases for 5G, IoT, and enterprise.

It is anticipated that the 5G network’s lightning-fast connections and low latency will help businesses and consumers alike realize the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, and immersive communication through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

The 5G service could help kickstart new sustainable development projects in areas like agriculture, energy, financial inclusion, and security by getting around old institutional barriers to development.

How fast is MTN 5G?

When it comes down to it, MTN’s 5G network is lightning quick. For example, three gigabytes of video used to take me twenty to twenty-five minutes to upload using my 4G connection, but with my new 5G connection, it only takes fifteen minutes.

Mtn 5g Router Speed Test
MTN 5G Router internet speed | (Smarttechvillas)

These results are from a speed test I ran in Opebi, where the 5G network is live. In Opebi, Lagos, Nigeria, MTN 5G speeds are available. When I compare it to the fact that my 4G network typically maxes out at 6Mbps, the performance boost offered by 5G is simply astounding. Others have experienced faster internet speeds (up to 600/800 Mbps) in some cities.

MTN 5G Network Coverage Areas

However, the availability and speed of 5G networks vary significantly across different geographies. Thus, the difference in findings. For example, you can access the network in 81 spots across Lagos, 42 in Abuja, 30 in Port Harcourt, 13 in Oyo State, and five more across Nigeria.

Issues with the MTN 5G Router

The MTN 5G router has flaws, but so does every other cutting-edge piece of technology. We found three significant issues with the MTN 5G router

  • Not having a backup power source, having to pay too much for too little data, and not having access to the Web without limits. 
  • No portable power source
  • The router’s biggest drawback is the lack of a backup battery or power bank (like the 4000 mAh battery found in the HyNetflex External). 

Even though most buyers intend to use the product in their homes or offices, they will likely only connect devices that already have batteries. So, unfortunately, you will be off the Web if the power goes out.

Unfortunately, the power problem won’t be solved until MTN releases its portable 5G modem. Also, customers should not be expecting Unlimited internet access as there aren’t any included in the package.

Furthermore, the 5G router will not support unlimited data plans. The allure of a complete plan is undeniable; after all, knowing that you’ll never run out of your allotted (and speedy)

Nevertheless, from a financial perspective, it is not a wise expenditure, as the vast majority of this information will never be used. Furthermore, the price tag for constructing the necessary infrastructure is high. 

Review Of The Broadband Router Data Plans Offered by MTN 5G (Data and Capacity Costs)

The 5G router can be purchased for N50,000 ($118) from the MTN online store, e-marketplace, or retail locations in white, black, or yellow.

5G Router from MTN

For the time being, MTN 5G customers can use the same data plan available to 4G customers. On the other hand, data plans are expected to evolve in response to user preferences as internet speeds increase data consumption.

Therefore, the firm (MTN Nigeria) will expand its data package in the upcoming months.

In the comment section below, let us know your thoughts on this device and its data package. Also, if you intend to ask questions about the device, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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