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MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Via Tweakware

Gabriel Ojeh




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  • Requirement for running the Tweakware VPN app
  • How To Download and Set up the Tweakware VPN
  • How Use more than the stipulated Data

Tweakware is a VPN app much more similar to j likes of Stark VPN reloaded and the Samsung Max VPN which aids internet users to surf the internet for free at their own convenience with any active data subscription.

In this very article I will be giving you the detailed steps on how you can configure the Tweakware VPN for free browsing on your MTN Sim card.

Content Outlined in this article
  •  What is Tweakware VPN
  • Requirements for setting up the tweakware VPN
  • How to set up the tweakware vpn
  • Requirements For The MTN 0.0kb Free Internet Cheat Via Tweakware VPN

Requirements for Setting Up The Tweakware VPN

1. MTN Sim card without any active data subscription or airtime.

2. An Android phone or tablet 

3. Tweakware VPN. Which you can download from here here.

4. The detailed instructions below.

How to Configure The Tweakware VPN  For MTN Free 0.0kb Internet Access

~Click here to download and install the tweakware VPN.

~ After downloading the app, launch the app and click on the rectangular box on the app homepage.

~The lists of the available tweak will be displayed to you.

As Shown below

~ Simply scroll down and locate MTN 0.0kb free.

Note: about 4 MTN 0.0kb free sever will be displayed to you, The MTN 0.0kb available are as follows;

New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 1

New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 2

Updated MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 3

Updated MTN Ng 0.0kb Free 4

• Select any of the free server on the list and the app will take you back to the homepage automatically. I recommend New MTN Ng 0.0kb Free as it’s the one that works best.

• Now Click on the connect but and wait for the app to connect.

• Once it connected, the connection button will change to disconnect and you will also see the up and downlink counting just like in the image below.

Now, Minimize the app and start surfing the internet for free.

How To Use More Than The Suppose 50MB With Tweakware VPN Reloaded

In line with the logic I mentioned earlier, the trick involved here is to have more than one MTN Sim card as the app can be used multiple times in a day on a single device.

Therefore having two MTN Sim card, will multiple the  50MB daily limit by 2 thus after exhausting the 50mb on the first sim card, you will switch to the second sim card and use another 50MB making it a whopping sum of 100MB for that day. Now, imagine having more than two Sim cards.

• After you have exhausted the 50MB on the first sim card, open the tweakware VPN app, which should have been disconnected automatically.

• Now, check the right top corner of the app and click bon the three white dots at the top right corner and click on exit.

• Remove the app from the background running app and switch to the Sim card that you haven’t use for that day.

• Connect the app again and enjoy another rounds of free 50MB.

• Repeat the following steps if you have more than two MTN Sim cards and enjoy!

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