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Money making: How to make $100 weekly from clicking ads

Looking for the easiest way to make $100 weekly online?

Osondu Nwakamma



How to make money

Get paid for clicking ads

I found something very interesting that will fetch you a lot of money and I will like to share it with you because it will be of great benefit to you.

While searching for genuine easy ways ways to make money, I came across a very interested way of making money and it is actually very easy to make money through this method.

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Have I tried it? Yes I have and it has paid me and is still paying me that is why I decided to share it with you.

This new method of making money does not require much effort or resources before you can make money through it, all that is needed is just a few minutes of your time, your cell phone and data in it and you are good to go.

Just like the title says, you can actually make as much as $100 weekly from it.

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Making money from clicking ads

Starclick Earning

The picture above is the balance of my earnings after withdrawal

What is this new money making secret I just discovered?

It is making money through clicking ads. It sounds strange right?

It is actually really, here you will be getting paid just for clicking ads. The only thing required for you to do each day is to log into your account and start clicking ads while your money grows.

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Somebody will say it sounds like scam and unreal, it is actually real and I have been paid by this platform more than once that’s is why I am recommending it to you.

Money making

Starclick Silver Dashboard

How do they make the money they pay you for clicking ads?

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This site promotes and helps other websites drive traffic/visits to their sites through the ads you will be clicking. So the ads you click will redirect you to the websites that pay to get traffic/visit. Clicking the ads earns you and the site I will be sharing with you money and earns the websites that pays for traffic views.

This sites are called PTC (Paid To Click) sites because they pay you to click ads on them.

Starclick is one of the best PTC sites, you can make as much as $100 on Starclick weekly just by clicking ads.

Starclick three categories of membership namely, the silver, gold and platinum.

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The silver membership is free while others are paid, paid plans will earn you more money.

To start making money on Starclick, register as a publisher, log in and start making money.

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