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Meta Launch Facebook Reels Globally With Offer For Creators To Monetize Contents

Mouth-Watering Offer From Facebook to Creators To Monetize their Contents

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Reel Creators To start monetizing content on Facebook

Social media giant Facebook is offering a sizable sum of money to anyone who creates short movies for its recently launched Reel Tik-Tok clone function.

Creators in more than 150 countries will soon be able to monetize their work through Reels, the parent company of the Facebook family of apps. Reels are available on iOS and Android.

As part of the Reels Play bonus programme, the social media giant has announced that artists can earn up to $35,000 a month from their reel views, as part of a $1 billion creator investment.

Increasing the bonus programme for more countries will allow more creators to be rewarded for creating reels that resonate with their communities. – Facebook

As a result of our extensive experience in helping content creators earn real cash through our monetization tools like in-stream advertisements and Stars, we’re now introducing direct monetization possibilities for Facebook Reels through ad revenue share and fan support. ” There you have it, Meta.

It has been revealed by Meta that Facebook Reels overlay advertising is being rolled out to more countries in the next few weeks, as well as to all producers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Available Ad Space That Can Be Sold For Money

  1. Banner Ad

A banner advertisement is displayed as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel.

  1. Sticker Ad

While a sticker ad is an image that may be placed anywhere in the Reel by the content producer. Non-intrusive advertisements, according to the company, let authors keep a percentage of the advertising revenue

Meta rolled out Reels, a Tik-Tok clone feature, globally on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. According to the company’s CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, on Facebook, on the same day, Reels is the company’s fastest-growing content ever.

As reported by The Verge, the social media behemoth is expanding its advertising possibilities and introducing new editing features to its Facebook version. In the U.S., Facebook Reels include all of these characteristics.

Use of Overlay Ads to Make Money from Your Facebook Reels

This test of a new ad type is not yet open to the public.

If you’re already participating in Facebook’s in-stream ad monetization programme, you’ll be able to start employing overlay advertisements right now. This functionality does not need to be activated. However, interested users may use Facebook’s in-stream monetization eligibility checker and sign up for the programme on the company’s website.

Starting with Overlay Ads

In-stream ad monetization programme participants will automatically be enrolled in banner advertisements based on their eligibility. That doesn’t imply there will be ads on every frame, however.

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For displaying banner advertising in your reels, there are certain things to consider, including:

  • Targeting parameters for advertising campaigns
  • The ad’s perceived value by those who see it

In the Meta Creator Studio, you may disable banner advertising from appearing in your reels.

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There are a few procedures that must be followed before you can add sticker adverts to your reels. “Stickers” may be found on the menu panel’s right-hand side (after adding your creative to the reel).

  • Under reel Stickers tab, choose “Ad.”
  • Make use of the “Add Sticker Ad” option.
  • In your reel, place the sticker ad frame where it looks best.

Ad placement is flexible, but you have no control over the ad itself. Facebook will show an ad based on the interests of the person who is now viewing your content on its platform.

Keep in mind that even if you provide the option to display sticker advertising, they won’t always be shown on every reel.

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