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Latest MTN Unlimited Airtime And Data Cheat

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Right here is the entire step by step manual on how to spark off the modern MTN limitless loose records and airtime cheat and experience loose internet access and loose calls to all Networks at the same time.

The tweak to be discovered on this guide today, has been operating for some time however i determined to proportion it with you hence as it’s still working smoothly without any interruption, that is if you observe the instructions to be supplied in this article accordingly.

The extremely good part of this tweak is that, you’ll be able to accumulate both airtime and statistics at the equal time, so be it you’re the kind that spend most time on calls or the sort that spent maximum time at the internet, you’ll simply get what you want.

This latest mtn airtime cheat employs the use of the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan hence with a sort of recycling process as it is.

Thus, the MTN Yafun Yafun tarrif is the default tarrif plan for newly purchased sim cards, this tarrif gives users a whooping 500% bonus on any recharges for 3 months, that is if you recharge NGN1000 you will be credited with 5000 bonus for calls and data etc,

so for this cheat the Yafun Yafun tariff is needed so you get ready to buy a new MTN sim if you want to participate and possibly benefit from this MTN tweak.

Requirements For MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Tweak

Here are the needed items or requirements in order to partake from this latest MTN airtime cheat:

  • Your New MTN Nigeria sim card
  • A betpawa account, which you need to open from here 
  • An Airtime Recharge of N1,200. Which you will be using ito recycle the data and Airtime bonus.
  • Internet connection
  • The ability to read and understand the instructions to be provided in this article.

How To Get Unlimited Free Airtime And Data-MTN Yafun-Yafun

1. Get a newly registered MTN Sim card, it will come with the MTN yafun yafun tariff plan. If you have a sim card that you register at recent and haven’t migrated to another tariff plan, then proceed to the second step.

2. At this point, recharge the newly registered MTN Sim card with N1,200.

3. Now head on to Betpawa website and login or click here to create an account if you haven’t.

4. Now deposit the 1200 airtime you
have on your line to your betpawa
account( instructions on how to do so
is on betpawa)

Reason being that the minimum amount you can withdraw from betpawa is N1000 and with 1,200, you should have N1,000 after all the necessary charges and transactions have been made.

5~ Now Play a bet of 1.10 odd with N10
Naira on the betpawa website and
possibly win, then request to withdraw
your money (all your money)

6 While on the verge of withdrawing, the withdrawal will be sent as a top up to your registered line on betpawa, and once that is done MTN will treat it as a new recharge thus given you 500%(N5000 to N6000) bonus
Addition again.

Wait for about three hours (3hrs) or less and the money will be topped up on your line with the aforementioned amount of airtime and 2.5GB worth of data.

7. Now to accumulate more airtime
you will have to repeat the process from
step 3 all over again and you can accumulate as much as you want.

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