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Insme Review-How To Make Free Money From Insme

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Insme Review-How To Make Free Money From Insme

Today SmartcoreTech is bringing you another  another complete step by step guide on how you can possibly be making some passive free cash online which you can withdraw at any point of your choosing. the great thing about this platform to be mentioned here is that it is stress free all you need to to is to relax and just earn. with the aid of this article,  our users can be making N400 weekly or more if followed to the brim and upto N2,000 or more every month the point is you are paid daily on the app and can cash out at ay point in time you choose the choice of accumulation is up to us.

The platform to be related in this guide is Insme App. What is Insme you may ask? 

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Insme is a website platform where individuals like you and me go to obtain likes and views for their Instagram photos and videos. what this individuals do is they pay insme to send views to their Instagram profile post like picture and video depends but mostly pictures and this suppose users sent by insme are to like the photo or video and in the end upload proof of it on the insme platform. now it is not compulsory that you must watch the video or photo on Facebook all insme whats its users to do is to like the photo or video and thus upload proof of it in a form of screenshot. and in the end these suppose clients pays Insme for the traffic sent to their instagram post and in the end the user obtains a part commission from insme for every photo or video like in a way this is similar to the Z-union post we published some weeks back where users get paid a commission of N200  to book orders on the Z-union app you can check out that article here.  

Nevertheless, If you have been following us for quite a considerable amount of time, you will  remember SmarttechVilla has been dropping a lot of article with methods to earn cool and free cash online without having to make any sort of investment, such articles rang from Branch referral Scheme, Eureke surveyschipper cash appYouGov surveys and many others which in fact  are still paying till this very moment. Hence, if you’re new with us, be sure to check those articles and many other thrilling articles on SmartcoreTech.

In addition, Insme users get paid N28 for every photo and video like after uploading the proof of the task in a form of screenshot. that is you must screenshot the page and upload the photo on insme. Furthermore insme users get paid a commission also for every referral recommended to insme which thus range from N50- N100. 

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NB: Like z-union insme regular users are restricted to only 2 missions or activities a day that is as a new user you will only get the opportunity of performing two (2) tasks everyday in order to break this limit users are expected to upgrade their level to a higher level on the platform, this can be carried out on the website including how to proceed is also stipulated there.


  • An Android or Iphone, Or windows pc device
  • Facebook app
  • Your NG Sim (can be any network)
  • Active data subscription 
  • your ability to read and follow through this article

Mode of Earnings on Insme App

  • You earn by engaging in hassle free tasks daily (N28 per photo or video like on Instagram) for New Users only 2 tasks = N56 daily
  • You also earn by referral which as we earlier mentioned can range from N50-100  

Now if you take your time to utilize this platform you can be earning and cashing out every week without having to sweat yourself and what more you’re not taking anything out of your pocket or exposing yourself to any kind of risk, not unless you wish to upgrade which i recommend you proceed gradually from level to level that will thus increase your earning income. This is further a system that is considered to be rewarding.

Without further ado let’s proceed to show you how to sign up and start engaging in Instagram tasks and thus earning your first income on the platform  

How To Earn Free N200 Daily On Insme

With this method, N200 is assured everyday on your account till this method stops working hence follow the steps bellow to start earning right away;

1. Click here to go to  Insme registration page and sign up with your username, phone number and password.

nsme App Review: How To Make Free Money From Insme

2. Like i said, enter your desired username, your active mobile number and set your password. Leave other box empty and proceed. Now in box of the referral enter the following code== A1QKXQ

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3. Now Enter the capture text in space provided An OTP will be sent to the phone number you provided, input the OTP and click on the Register button.

NOTE: If it didnt request for an OTP just skip it and proceed to the next step. If they didn’t so you are free to hit the register button now.

4. Upon clicking on the sign up button, you will automatically be sent to the login page to login, now enter your user name and password to login. next, you will be presented with your Insme dashboard that looks like the Screenshot below.

How to make money on insme

5. At this point you can start engaging in task mission, simply click on Mission  at the bottom of your dashboard.

Insme Review-How To Make Free Money From Insme

6. Click on receive to open the task, next, click on open video link. now all you need do is to like the photo or video and return back to the platform, then click on upload screenshot

7. After that, click on Submit then proceed to the next task and still repeat the same process.

8. After task completion, just sit back and await your task review from the platform. as soon as it is reviewed your first earning with be credited to your account. 

Note: As a new user you are only limited to two daily tasks, to increase this limit you will have to upgrade your level just like earlier mentioned.

9. Next click on the Me Section at the bottom right of the page and click on Invite friends, Next copy your referral link and code and start referring your friends you earn more.  

How To Withdraw Your Earnings from Insme

To be able to withdraw from insme, you you must first complete your account setup by filling your bank details as well as your platform withdrawal password to do this,  simply click on the Me section again, next click on Personal Info, after that click on Bank info  and inter your bank account info for cashout. 

– When your are done return back to personal info again and click on Security code, Now enter your desired platform withdrawal password. that’s it now you are good to go.

-To withdraw your earnings, 

1. Simply Click on the Me Section Below the page, next click on Encrypted Wallet, Next click on withdrawal 

Insme Review-How To Make Free Money From Insme

2. Now Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select your desired bank for withdrawal 

3. Finally, you must enter the withdrawal password you created. 

Note: Withdrawal takes around 24hrs to reflect and is Direct Bank Transfer (DBT)

How To Earn More Task Orders 

In order to Increase your earning orders we encourage you to upgrade your account level, to do this simple refer to the VIP Section at the bottom of the page and select your desired plan 

How to upgrade on insme


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