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How To Watch Thousands Of Live TV Channels And Movies On Demand For Free

Gabriel Ojeh




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                                               Mobdro >>
In today’s article I will be talking about a way you could stream live TV channels and TV on demands service for free without any subscription.
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  • Features of the Mobdro App
  • Requirements for Running The Mobdro App
  • How To Install And Run The Mobdro App 

    In today’s world, streaming live channels has become more interesting to many individuals as it’s claimed to give many individuals the required pleasure when they need it. But where the problems comes in is the Subscription charges which appear to be higher than what any individual can afford sometimes hence I’m disclosing this great app that does justice to that. The Mobdro app is an all in one app which aid the free streaming of thousands of both paid and free popular channels such as Syfy, HBO, BBC Nick, Cartoon Network, AMC and many more. 

    Additionally, the app comes with not just movies and TV shows channels but also too News and Sports Channels thus you can as well stream live news such as CNN and Live footballs and other great sporting event on the Mobdro App.
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    With the mobdro app , you will be able to stream visual content on many channels for free without any alternation

    What Is the Mobdro App?

    Like earlier said, the Mobdro allows you to watch thousands of live channels, ranging from entertainment, sports, documentary and lot’s at the comfort of your home without Subscription.

    It gives you the free access to thousands of channels and also the opportunity to stream much more TV shows and movies on demand services for free.

    As you can see from the picture above, the app consists of multiple channels which are further sub-divided into different categories.

    Below are the main Channels on Mobdro app and little of their sub-divison;

    1. Channels: this consists of popular TV channels, such as ABC, CBS,  History Channel USA, Disney and lots more.

    2. News: This consists of news channels like CNBC, CNN, Fox news, NBC, HLN, news today and lots more.

    3. Sports: This include ESPN, As sports etc.

    4 And lots of Channels that you will be able to explore after downloading the app.

    Features of The Mobdro App

    ~ Access to free and paid foreign based Channels for free such as Syfy, HBO, AMC etc
    2. Can share streams with friends as a form of recommendations
    3. Download load your streams to watch offline.
    4. High quality picture view and more

    Requirements For The Mobdro App Free Streaming Service

    1. An Android device with version 4.2 and higher.

    2. Storage space to install the app.

    3. Good internet connection for smooth streaming 


    4. Instructions to be provided in this article.

    How To Download Mobdro App And It’s Configuration

    1. Download the Mobdro App from here for Android.

    2. Install the app and run it.

    3. Upon the running of the app, it will request permission for some access, allow all and agree where intended.

    4. After the completion of step 3 above, you will be redirected to the app homepage where you will find the list of content as shown in the picture above.

    Click on channels and select your desired channel and start streaming.
    If you encounter a can’t load server error, continue with the below step to resolve that

    5. Click the top left corner of the app and locate settings, click on it.

    6. Upon clicking on settings.

    7. Locate the DNS over HTTPS Option as shown in the picture above and click on the switch to turn it ON just like in the image below.

    9. Close the app and remove it from the background running apps.

    10. After that relaunch the app again and explore its content.

    You can choose the Channel of your choice from the lists of over thousands of Channels that are available on the app as shown below.

    That’s all you need to do. You just got the detailed information on how to download the Mobdro app and also how to set it up and the opportunity to stream thousands of Live TV channels and on demand service without any Subscription.

    Enjoy your streaming!

    Should you have any questions concerning this guide, drop it down below in the comments section. Don’t forget to share and help a friend or family out.

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