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How To Watch All DSTV Premium Channels For Free Via OTT Navigator APP

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!




With the aid of this new app and settings, SmarttechVilla followers will be able to stream all DStv premium content for free all you need to fuel this unique app is your data subscription for streaming. This new settings and app is for SmartcoreTech esteemed new and existing Visitors for weeks and months now since we uploaded the Guide on how to stream DStv and its premium content for free without worrying about your subscription or absent of electricity, if you are new on you can see the guide here. Thus since then we have been updating the app and settings bringing you new updates and it still continues. Today we have decided to bring you another brand new app with lot of exclusive features more than the previous one we have been using this app also aids the streaming of DStv premium content as well as many other global channels for free but that not all what makes the app great is its unique features which we will be outlining below.


Features Of The Special DStv App 


~ Easy to Setup

~ User Friendly

~ Enhanced UI

~ Tv Guide Now Available on this one (Helps you keep track of the show you are watching as well as the rest of the show for the week like in the actual DStv Now App)

~ Support for PIP mode (Picture-In-Picture)

~SD/HD Available

~ Can Use more than one Tv Provider Comparing to our previously used app, you can only use one that and many other great features


How To Setup The Special DStv App 

At this point, you must be eager to get hold of this app and start exploring all this new features we just enlisted above, well in other to setup the DStv app you just need to follow every bit of instruction and guide that will be presented below strictly and at the end your DStv App will be working full proof.


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1. Click here to download the new DStv Special App of

2. After downloading the app, Install and run the app

3. At this point click on the settings icon on the home screen

DStv Special App setting

4. Next, click on Provider after that click on add provider as shown in the picture above

DStv Special App setting

5. Then select Generic Middlewave Server, as shown in the image below, Next click on Mac Portal

DStv Special App setting
DStv Special App setting


6. At this section, use any of the address and Mac below, repeat the Mac address on the Device ID Section


DStv Special App setting



Name: SmartechVilla-1

URL Address:

Mac Address: 00:1a:79:44:1d:1c

Or 00:1a:79:42:5a:17, 00:1a:79:01:81:31

Mac ID: (Repeat the same address used)

Serial Number: LEAVE BLANK


Note: All providers can be added in the app


7. After adding all the providers, click on Save then return back to the home screen close the app, remove it from your task section ( app minimize area)

8. Relaunch the app then click on live tv to go through the list of available channels

Note: in some cases, while playing any Tv Channel on the app for the very first time, it will be zoomed so you will need to change that it can fit into your screen. To do this, simply click on the parameter option, next click on Aspect Ratio then set it to fit your android screen as shown in the SS below

Special DSTV App Setting


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