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How To Use The New Focus Feature in iOS 15

Philip Aladino




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

iOS 15 is now available worldwide to anyone and everyone holding iPhone 6S and later model up to an iPhone 13, and while the new OS may not look fresh and unique at first observation, there is quite some unique refinements to take advantage of on the iOS 15 OS if you dig dipper into its surface.

One excellent feature to pin is the new Focus. Apple’s latest take on redesigning notifications, however this time you can tailor it to your everyday workflow. The new redesign can also be effected in your device home screen on both an iPhone and iPad, alongside muting notifications on your Mac, once macOS 12 Monterey is released.

While it’s can be great to create a custom Focus profile on iOS 15, we’ve created a quick guide below to help guide you through it.

What happens when Focus is enabled iOS 15?

Consider Apple’s Focus as your own personal planner that’s incorporated within your iPhone or iPad device, who can tell your contacts that you mustn’t be disturbed at any given points throughout the day, while tailoring your home screen to the tasks at hand.


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You are not limited to creating a certain amount of Focus profile on your Apple device instead you can make as many profile as you possibly want which can be enabled whenever you’re at a certain place, or in an event set up in your calendar.

By default your Apple device is launched with the following Focus profiles which you can either choose to add more or delete some:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Driving
  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Personal

As earlier mentioned, each one of these defaults profiles can be customized to fit into your schedule, but they’re not all turned on by default settings, so you can choose to either go and enable them, leave them off or delete anyone if you desire.

Enabling Apple’s Focus feature

When focus is enabled and the desired profile set up and triggers any of the below changes:

  • Home screen changes
  • Muted notifications
  • Some certain other apps will alert you of new notification, while some stay silent
  • Notifies others of your status in Messages and will deliver any incoming messages silently.

There’s plenty of ways that a profile can be enabled on its own which can help your workflow or even help you on important days you’ve got coming up.

How to create your own Focus Profiles

Go to Settings > Focus > Add icon, and next you will be presented with a new screen where you can choose a pre-set Focus profile, or create a new one.

Now choose Custom, and name your Focus. For example we’ve picked ‘Camera’. You can assign a certain icon or color to it to tell it apart from other profiles.

How to create focus profile on iPhone

You can allow one or more people to show notifications when in this Focus mode, alongside anyone who is assigned a Favorite.

This can also apply to apps to show notifications regardless.

How to create focus profile on iPhone

Once you’ve selected your favorite apps and people, you can decide to proceed with further customization or not.

The Shortcuts app is baked into this, where you can assign certain commands or automations into a Focus profile. For this ‘Camera’ profile, we’ve told the Focus to switch on when the camera app launches, alongside a home screen change.

How to create focus profile on iPhone

It is interesting to know that Focus Mode can transform how you use your iPhone or iPad depending on your workflow. You might wake up on some days morning with a different home screen, reminding you that your focus needs to be on a certain task.

Apple iOS 15 notification

Any changes to your Focus profiles apply to the rest of your Apple devices, and soon your Mac once macOS 12 Monterey is released.

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